More Martha Book Signing

03-me-in-line-with-a-book-for-ting-and-one-for-me Here’s My Pal Al with our books – waiting in line…

01-the-line-outside-wrapped-around Look at the line!  Martha is loved by so many!!!

img_6979 Oh, the anticipation…

09-ms-signing-other-peoples-books There she is!  Looking exactly like she does on TV and in her magazine.

img_6982 And here’s Al!!! Meeting Martha!!!  So exciting!!!  And Al said she was very nice and wished her well on her new marriage.

So glad Al was able to go so that I could live vicariously through her photos!


One response to “More Martha Book Signing

  1. She was very nice, that’s right! Each person literally got less than 10 seconds with her. My brother wanted me to ask her for stock tips (HA), and my mom wanted me to tell her hello from another Martha. 😉 If I had gotten any more time with her though, the hello would have come from you, Tinga!! I really wish we could have gotten them personalized – but she wasn’t doing that for anyone….just her sig! 🙂

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