Another celebrity…

Not quite as famous as Martha, but who is?!

Anyway, this past Saturday Yarbs and I went shopping.  I wanted to purch a new dress for my friends wedding this weekend – and found 2 that I LOVED – but, of course, they did not have my size.  Ugh, just hate that.

We went to Nordstrom, and who was there but Dr. Rey (from the plastic surgery reality show “Dr. 90210”:


He looked and sounded just like he does on TV – very tan!  He was busy hawing his own line of skincare.  Seemed a bit odd to me that he was wearing white pants in November, but I guess he comes from southern Cal where it is warm all the time.

Highly random, and amusing.  But even better than seeing Dr. Rey was getting to hang out with Yarbs – it had been a long time!


2 responses to “Another celebrity…

  1. Dr. Rey! I haven’t watched that show in forever! He is the really cheesy one with the hot wife, right? hehe – that is fun you saw him! And I have to agree about the white pants….

  2. The fact that either one of you openly admitted that at any point in your life you actually watched that show displays poor judgement. Bad enough that you watch it, but to post the fact for your loyal readers to see is depressing.

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