But it is only November…

The last time we were in the Galleria, SANTA was already out, waiting for little kiddies!  No takers, I am glad to say.  It is way too early for Santa, if you ask me.  Thanksgiving hasn’t even occurred yet.

But, I already sent off my first (and likely only) ornament for the ornament swap I signed up for.  I built on what I had started last year – and incorporated some bling!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

img_2022 These are all of the ones I have made thus far.

img_2025 I think this one turned out the best, so I just mailed it off this morning to my ornament swap person.  I am just worried they will not like it!  Oh well.

img_2024 So here is my 2009 collection so far.

I have been winning eBay lots of rhinestone buttons – some vintage, some not.  And that is the bling that I am using for this years ornaments.  I’ve had a bunch of friends get married, so I am thinking maybe a heart shape would be apropos for this year as well.

I’d like to find some other ornament swaps, but not sure if I am too late and not really sure at all where to find them.  And with work, I have had no time to troll around the blog-sphere.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Oh well, just means I get to keep all the ornaments I make – or at least choose whom to give them to!


2 responses to “But it is only November…

  1. Those are so neat – I love them! You know what would be neat for your friends who just got married? Maybe some wedding bells – with the bling in the dingers – or a pair of wedding rings? Or love birds?! Ok I’ll stop! You are the crafty one!!! hehe 😉


  2. Love those! I am sure your swapper will as well 🙂
    Looking forward to Craft Sunday Afternoon!

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