Table 1


Friday night, my friend E.K. invited Boom and I out, along with four other couples, to celebrate Tan’s (her boyfriend) birthday – at a surprise dinner at Bedford, a new restaurant in the Heights.  She is an interior designer and worked on part of the restaurant – it was a beautiful space!

We got to sit at Table 1 – the chef’s table!  The chef’s table wasn’t supposed to be open for another 2 weeks, but Chef was nice enough to accommodate E.K. and it was a really great experience.  We had 7 courses – and he wasn’t even put out by my pescetarianism.


Here’s EK and Tan – cute couple!  (Side note – they are headed to Hawaii for Thanksgiving!  For a week – from Wed to Wed – what fun!)

img_2039 img_2034

Here’s the view from Table 1 – Chef busy preparing the food!  He seemed very interesting and talked about his food – it was cool!  I just wish we could hear him better, but oh well.  And this was such a perfect gift for Tan as he really enjoys cooking!


Oh Boom – such a cutie!  And check out his new blazer – not too shabby!  He was in dire need of a new one, so glad he got it.


Boom enjoying some of the food!  I thought I wasn’t going to be full, but after 7 courses, I was quite full!


Here’s some of the delicious tastes that we had – everything was very tasty!  Most of the tasting were not even on the menu – so special!!!  I wish I had taken a photo of dessert – it was quite yummy – some sort of a berry concoction, but literally it was in my belly before I realized it!  Boom even gave me some of his, nice boy.


This is the whole gang that celebrated Tan’s birthday.

img_2060 img_2061

With Chef Gatsby – Tan was tickled the entire night!  EK did a great job with the whole night – and Tan really, really loved it!


It was a great experience – that was the first time I had ever sat at the Chef’s table!  I felt so fancy and special!  And a little drunk – each courses had it’s own wine / sparkling wine / sake pairing.  I am not so much a fan of sake, so Boom got a double dose of sake (blah).

Fun times in H-town!  It is starting to feel like home!


One response to “Table 1

  1. Looks like a yummy dinner! I am glad you are starting to make some good friends 🙂

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