So it was a really good weekend – Friday night we spent with friends, and one of my greatest friends (who lives in DC) – Coco – got engaged!!!! I am sooooo SOOOOOOOOO excited for her and Eben! They are such a cute couple – at least in photos. I’ve actually not met him yet – something we are going to try to remedy on Wednesday (he is from the Boston area as well, so we will rendezvous in Massachusetts).

Coco is just so great – you become a better person just by being her friend!  She definitely had to much through some toads to get to her prince (and he is age appropriate!), but seems to be very worth it.  She’s never been as happy as she has been this last year!  Boom and I are also excited for selfish reasons – I hope there are some couple’s trips in our future!

table1 table2

Saturday I got to hang out with my friend who is also helping me with the house (she is an interior designer) – we went to lots of fun stores!  I think we may have found a trestle table for our kitchen! It was nice to see her – seems like we haven’t hung out in quite a while!


(Yarbs and I in Costa Rica – Christmas 2006)

And Sunday, Boom went to yogidy with me!!!  Then breakfast at Buffalo Grille (yummy!) – Yarbs me us there.  Then it was finally time for Craft Sunday Afternoon.  We were scrappin’ fools!  We did 4 layouts each – and 1 was a two page spread!  Lots of photos got scrapped.

Good time – just made the weekend pass really quickly!  And tomorrow we are headed to FW to marm and dads – then Wed morning we are headed to the Cape!  I can’t believe it is nearly Thanksgiving – where did November go?!


2 responses to “Happiness!

  1. I know – it seems like we just blinked and the month was over. Just busy busy!
    Can you burn your Costa Rica photos for me before you leave?

  2. Thanks for the ornament….I got it yesterday, and I think that it is very cute and unique! I can’t believe that you made it yourself, very crafty…I am impressed. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.

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