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Sometimes when I get an idea in my head, I get tunnel vision and disregard all else until I can get to my idea. Sunday morning, for whatever reason, amigurumi (a-mi-gu-ru-mi: literally means Knitted Stuffed Toy; Japanese crocheting in the round) leaped into the forefront of my mind. SewCrafty Houston has an amigurumi class in January, but with wanting to save more mola these days, I had decided not to take the class.

So back to Sunday… for some reason, I was thinking about amigurumi and how I could likely go on the internet and teach myself how to crochet (another reason I heart the internet!).  After yoga, I told Yarbs that I was going to teach myself amigurumi – she just shook her head and was all, you have too many projects! I had mentioned it to Boom before I left, and when I got home and figured out that I didn’t have any crochet needles (makes sense, since I don’t know how to crochet), he was all, Are you going to pick up some crochet needles?

This, among many, many other reasons, is why Boom is just the bestest – not only does he not disregard my wanting to learn how to make amigurumis, but embraces my idea and encourages me! Many hubbys would be all, Don’t you want to finish cleaning your craft room? (which I still need to finish)

Boom was not feeling well, so maybe that is why he was so accommodating. I thought it would be a good activity to undertake so that I could keep Boom company as he rested on the couch.

Anyway, 6 hours later, I have somewhat mastered crocheting in the round!

img_2161Some of my beginning practice crochet pieces… A bit of advise for anyone who is learning how to crochet in the round – always remember your first stitch marker!!!! I still sometimes have issues forgetting to mark the first stitch.

img_2162The little white ball was the first complete amigurumi I made – I literally had to redo it about 7 or 8 times since I kept forgetting my first stitch marker! Which made me lose my place.

The green thing in the middle is a bird (2 wings and a tail!) but needs 2 eyes and an orange beak. Pretty cute, eh? Take a look here to see what the final product looks like. Many thanks to Bitter Sweet for the free pattern! There are many more that I want to try out!

The red and white thing is a radish – without the leaves. I can only crochet in the round, so I can’t make the leaves (yet). It kind of looks like a mouse… again, thanks to Bitter Sweet for the free pattern!

I am really enjoying crocheting – I like it cause at the end there is a complete final product (well, that is the idea). I am thinking these would be good random bday gifts for my friends back in the RIC. or friends from anywhere. Would be really random, but I kinda like that!

I am working on a cactus pattern – I am still figuring out how to read patterns – and figuring out that “front loops” and “back loops” literally mean front and back.  I need to redo the planter, as the way I did it makes it hard (or impossible) to attach.  I think it will be cute!  Many thanks to Ana Paula Rimoli for the free pattern!

I really need to get some safety eyes, as my amigurumis would be much cuter with eyes and a face.  And some dark brown and pink yarn.  So many amigurumis to make, so little time (and lack of basic crocheting skills!).

Anyway, I hope everyone rings in the new year safely!  More in 2009 (where did all the time go?!) – and hopefully I’ll be sending out my new years cards soon…


Just a few more photos…

img_2150Oh Marmidy! Isn’t she the cutest?! Marm cooked all week long – so that we could get our fill of homemade Chinese food. and it was all delish!

img_2152Awww – Ruru! She loved the stuffed octopus that she got for Christmas. She was able to get through to the stuffing in less than 1 hour!

img_2159Ruby really looks like such a young pup in this photo! She is just the cutest! I am glad that she is a superdog and will live forever, as I can’t really imagine our lives without her!

More holiday photos

2008xmas1I love all the photos we take – many thanks to Yarbs for being such a good family historian!  (Yarbs got some new Photoshop actions – wonder if she used them on this photo?)  Next year, I think we want to all wear red and white striped shirts – need to keep an eye out for them (maybe after Valentines Day?).



Monday night – Before the Nutcracker (back at the Wortham!) – Everyone in front of the big tree.

200812eeornament 200812tingornament

Some Christmas Eve crafting – Yarbs and I were blog surfing and decided that we should do more and surf less.  So we made some felt gingerbread men ornaments.  Yarb’s poor gingerbread man was not fully stuffed, so his arms and head were flat.  Good thing he had extra large buttons to compensate!

200812rubyChristmas!  Our very own Virgin Merry – or maybe Yoda, trying to warm up.  Ruby loves her creature comforts (and blankets) so much!

200812sillyfamOur typical BLIND TIGER pose – I never tire of it!  So funny!  Friends in VA introduced me to it, and the fam had really embraced it!

200812socksYarbs got us all new socks and she wanted to capture them somehow.  Joe had the good idea to prop them up on the top of the sofa!  Ruby didn’t know what was going on – we were all lying on our backs on the floor!  Cute shot!

I have really enjoyed these few days off.  At least next week is a short one – just 3 days.  But I know they were will very busy, which makes me kinda dread them.  Oh well.

I also need to get on my New Years cards – I clearly wasn’t on the ball enough for Xmas cards, so I need to get on myself to finalize our NY cards.  I was supposed to do that this past weekend, but it just didn’t happen.   Sometimes it is nice to not be on the computer at all really for a few days.

Holiday Break


Sunday, 12/21:  Here we all are at Jones Hall – for Handel’s Messiah.  I really loved having Marm and Dad around for the whole week!

ornament2Me and my favorite gal – it was also really great getting to hang out with Yarbs and Josephine for such an extended amount of time.  Even though Yarbs and I live in the same city, the fall has been so busy we haven’t been able to see a lot of each other.  So this week was really nice.


12/22:  We went to Yarbs and Joe’s for dinner after work, then back to the Wortham to see the Nutcracker.  I have seen this now in 3 cities – Dallas, Richmond and H-town.  It was a long, tiring night, after a full day of work.


12/23:  This is likely the closest to Christmas that I have worked.  We usually travel during the holidays, so typically, we are somewhere else by this point.  It was a sad day for me – it was the last day in 2008 that my coworker and friend, Mere (middle), and I worked together – she is moving on to a bigger and better opportunity!  I am a little scared, but she will be back for 3 days in 2009.  She will be sorely missed.  K, the other gal in the photo (far right), has also left the Opera.  She is moving to NYC with her boyfriend who is an opera singer!  Fun times.

12/24: Christmas Eve!  After dinner we drove around River Oaks, the fancy neighborhood, to check out the lights.  Will post photos after Yarbs gets them up on her blog!

12/25:  Christmas!  I got so many great gifts – everyone was really quite generous!  Boom was all about the Martha Stewart gifts, which was just fine with me.  Again, will post photos after Yarbs does.

slumdogmillionaire_galleryposter12/26:  Marm, Dad, Boom and I went to see this movie (Yarbs and Joe has already seen it, and highly recommended it) – it was really, really great!  I think I had heard a bit too much about it, about how awesome it was, and I really liked it and thought it was great, but my expectations were high.  That being said, I highly recommend everyone to go out and see it!

That night, we went to dindin with some old, old family friends, the L’s.  Their sons (and families) live here in Houston, so we figured we should get together when the parents are around (since Marm and dad are really great friends with them).  But the sons were sick, so it was just our fam and Mr. and Mrs. L.  They are really great – Mrs. L always says we were like her daughters!  So sweet.

12/27:  Marm and dad left this morning.  I was sad to see them go.  I have been working on cleaning and organizing my craft room.  I am making strides, but it still seems rather messy.  I decided to reorg based on what I use the most.  So now I can see all my fabric – which is great!  And moved the lesser used things into the closet.  I’ll post photos when I am finished, hopefully tomorrow!

I love my parents and sister and Boom so much.  Was very glad to be able to spend so much time with them!

I’m still here…

just busy, so the blogging has suffered!  Anyway, here’s the recap of this past week:

uva-saberMonday night was the UVa Alumni Club of Houston Holiday party.  It was fun!  It was at a huge house in River Oaks, the fancy pants neighborhood in Houston.  I didn’t have house-envy, I had furniture-envy!  The home had room after room full of lovely furniture!

Tuesday night was the Development department’s holiday party at Buca di Beppo.  I had never been there before – so I was glad to get to try it, but not sure I am rushing to go back.  We were supposed to be in the Pope room, but somehow we got bumped from there and got put into a room that was slightly too small for the number of folks we had.  We also did a white elephant gift exchange, and this is what I ended up with:

img_2148It is a handmade heart-shaped basket, made by someone with disabilities at the Brookwood community.  I thought it was really sweet, and was glad no one stole it from me!  LB said no one else really wanted it, which was just fine with me!

Wednesday was a late work night for me – I didn’t leave until around 7pm!  and then I attempted to find some velvet pants in Rice Village, which was a mistake.  It was packed and I was tired and not really in the shopping mood. Needless to say, I ended up empty handed.  That night I started to really feel sick – couldn’t breath through my nose!  And I am a horrible sick person – feel bad for Boom when he has to deal with me.

Thursday I had some blood taken – 8 vials!  It was a lot –  I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough blood left!  But I do think it contributed to me feeling sick and bad.  Blah.  To add insult to injury, we had to fly to Charlotte for less than 24-hours for a work party!  Traveling whilst sick is not all that fun.

img_2143img_2144But it was nice to meet all the peeps at Boom’s firm, granted I’ll likely only see them once a year, but still nice to meet folks.  It was weird, as when we were in RIC, I knew everyone!  and here I was the random satellite office wife.

Getting home on Friday was slightly painful.  Our flight was delayed a couple hours, due to no crew.  I guess the crew had gotten in late Thursday night, and FAA regulations state that pilots have to have at least 8 hours off, but we didn’t hear any of that until after the crew finally arrived.  And then the fog was so thick, I was afraid we would be delayed due to poor visibility!  But we weren’t.  Just too bad that we had gotten up at 4am our time – so made for a tiring day at work.

I had brought in some holiday gifts for my supervisor and the big bosses, and handed them out when I got to work on Friday:

img_2142Since it is all about the packaging, I thought they turned out pretty cute!  I wish I had had more time to make hot chocolate mix to give out in jars (I had seen it on a blog, but can’t find the post anymore!).  Maybe next year.  Boom and I were exhausted on Friday night, so it was a good night to stay in and chill out.

Saturday we went Christmas shopping – we divided and conquered and so we were done by noon!  Lots of sales going on, due to pre-xmas sales as well as the down economy.  We had some friends come over that night, which was great and I hope to do more of entertaining at home once we get more furniture.  EK brought me an Xmas gift – and it was so cute:

146729491Quite a surprise and just so cute!  And fitting!  I was just thinking the other day, I basically collect cookbooks.  I just love them.  Wish I loved cooking as much as looking at cookbooks, but maybe that will follow.

Sunday morning I went to yogidy, then Marm and Dad came into town!  We went to Ruggles Green for lunch, which was quite good!  They gave us 2 desserts for free, since they forgot to place Marm’s order.  I will def go back – good food, green, and good customer service!  Then it was downtown for Handel’s Messiah.  I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it was the boys fav.  Once Yarbs posts, I’ll be able to show photos from Sunday.  And it is getting cold again, so much more approp for this season.

A short work week and then Christmas!  Where did 2008 go?  (BTW, I am sending out new years cards, as I didn’t have my stuff together enough to send out Xmas cards.)  2009 is going to be a good year – I can just feel it!

All the things I’ve been up to

So the big news last week was that it snowed!  And for a few hours – of course nothing really stuck…  So here is the proof:

Can you see the flakes in the light?  LB and I grabbed a quick drink before the Opera (whole company) holiday party – which was a great idea!  I won 2 tickets to the Alley Theater, which I am very excited about!  There was karaoke and the highlight of the night had to be Britney Spears, as done by our Technical Director:

img_2110HILARIOUS!  He and his crew were having a ball with the karaoke!  I bet it is fun to work with them!!

Thursday night is my JLH volunteer night at HAWC.  We play with the kiddies while the moms are in counseling.  A great cause, but I was exhausted and just not feeling it AT ALL.  and there were a ton of kids that were all super hyped up!

Friday night we went to the University of St. Thomas (I had never been there before, and it is actually very beautiful – not exactly what I expected, but very nice) to see the HGO Studio Artists perform.  They performed songs and portions of many different operas.  I realized that I much prefer opera in a foreign language, rather than in English.  S and R came with Boom and I – I hope they liked the performance!  It was a bit long, Boom was getting all antsy, I could tell.  And then we all headed to t’afia (yum!) for dindin!  I had wanted to go back ever since I went there for the first time on Tuesday!

Saturday Boom and I drove up to Dallas with Ruru for the White Rock Marathon on Sunday.  We were about 1.5 hours outside of Dallas when I realized I had forgotten my sneaks!  UGH.  So I called Yarbs to see if she could pick them up before she flew up – well, lo and behold, she and Joe decided to bail on coming to Dallas!  Boom was all, Of the 2 people I expected to bail, Yarbs and Joe were not them! So we went to the expo and I bought a new pair of running shoes…

Anyway, got to see Al and Park…


and JJ and Sydney Bristow!!  This was my first time meeting her – she is soooo cute!


We then finally headed home to see Marm and Dad.  They are just the bestest ever!  Marm cooked some good grub for us and I just liked hanging out with them.

Sunday morning, when the alarm went off at 5am, Boom and I debated for nearly an hour whether or not we should run – I was all, Sure – I’ll do the half.  And he was all, Well, if I am running, I am going to do the full.  And he hasn’t really been training, so we decided (finally!) to bag the race all together.  And he’s been super busy, poor guy.  Thurs he flew up to Dallas, Friday he flew back to H-town, Sat he drove up to Dallas, and Sunday the drove back to H-town!!!

Just too bad I bought new running shoes – but I will definitely be able to use them, once I start running again!  It’s been a lazy (in terms of exercising) few days.

When we got back on Sunday, I started baking some goodies for work peeps.  Then it was off to Bunko for me – we had a gift exchange (good white elephant gifts) and check out what I got:

img_2139img_2138Ceramic birdie nesting measuring cups!!! They are SOOO cute!  The perfect white elephant gift!!  And the gals that hosted, one of them had a TEXAS themed Christmas tree!  I am totally copying her and doing that next year!  It was extremely cute and I loved it a lot a lot!!!  Evidently, each year, Dillards comes out with a different Texas themed ornament that she buys in bulk the day after Christmas.  Well, since we are hear this year, I know where I’ll be on Dec. 26!!!  There is a huge, free standing one near the Galleria that I will go to.

So tonight, Monday, was the UVa Alumni Club holiday party.  At a fabu house in River Oaks – it was huge!  and lovey – with great furniture and kitchen appliances!  It was a good time – but I am feeling a bit under the weather.  The temperature change today alone was about 20 degrees in just a matter of hours!  So it was 80 on Tues, then snowing on Wed, then warm again over the weekend, and today it started out around 60 degrees +, but fell to 40 by mid day!  No wonder I am getting sick – my body is so confused!

Tomorrow night is my departments Holiday party – fun times.  At least it is close to home.  I hope I don’t feel worse…

What I need…

… is more time!  There aren’t enough hours in the day nor days in a week nor weeks in a month for me to do everything I wish to do!!!  Especially with the holidays approaching – I had grand plans of making a bunch of gifts (I have some ornaments made) but also bigger gifts for Yarbs and Boom, but I don’t think it is going to happen.  and also making some house things – like embroidered holiday placemats – I really don’t think that is going to happen.  I need to finish my friend Gentz’s bday gift from November!  and I add more ideas everyday of things I would like to make or try.  And of course Christmas cards are not out -not even fully designed. (Ugh)…


Also, how is it almost 2009?!  Where did this year go?  I can’t believe it is nearly Christmas and also the end of the year!  I think the traffic in Houston has added to my feeling of time slipping away.  Since I always seem to be rushing around, and not getting enough done.

And work is definitely keeping me busy – which is a good thing.  Am still learning a lot – sometimes feel like I am going to be buried under all the direct mail I am sending out!

It did snow last night.  Here in H-town.  It was really kinda odd – the snow was falling for a couple hours.  Nothing stuck – except the cold temperatures.  Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some photos later this weekend.

Am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but this too shall pass.  I am ready for some down time – time to just chill out and veg.  I guess the problem is that whenever I get any bit of free time, I seem to fill it up with some projects that I want to do!  My own fault.  I suppose it really isn’t in my personality to just chill and veg.  But yet I long for it 😉  Sometimes I think I am crazy (something that Boom oftentimes confirms!).