img_2079We finally got to meet Eben!  We landed in Boston on Wednesday late morning, then took the bus to Plymouth.  Coco and Eben met us at the bus stop and we at ate at a 99 restaurant.  Didn’t really matter where we ate, I was just so glad to see Coco and meet Eben, finally!  He seems really nice and a good guy.  So I am so happy for them!  And look at what Coco brought back from Africa (not sure what country – Benin?) for me!  I love it and she will have a prominent place in my bedroom.


Here are all the kiddos that were at Boom’s parent’s house – the only one missing was little E.  They had a great time together, and decorating their ginger bread houses.  Girls vs. boys!


We went into downtown Chatham in search of a lovely Cape Cod coffee table book.  And we found one, as well as some fudge, from the place we always get fudge from.  Yum!  Incidentally, the book is signed.  Which is great – as the price of the book on line is nearly half of what we paid for it!  So kudos to Boom for suggesting we only get this one book, since it is signed, as he knew we’d be able to get other Cape Cod / Nantucket coffee table books on line for much cheaper.  (We are collecting coffee table books – only of subjects that interest us – to stack at the end of the daybed, once we get it.)

Thanksgiving this year was different, in that we got to see both sets of parents – that has NEVER happened before.  We drove up to FW on Tuesday night – and got to see Marm and Dad for just a few minutes before we went to bed.  We were a little apprehensive about leaving little Ruru with them, but she had a great weeknd!  And Marm was all, She’s a really good girl – I knew at that point she had won Marm over!  Wednesday morning, very early, we flew up to Boston and got to see Boom’s family – and I got to eat some delicious chowda that I had been craving for 4 months!  And then we flew back to TX on Saturday afternoon, so got to hang out with Marm and Dad Saturday night and then left Sunday morning for H-town.


Marm and Dad had gone to Peru earlier this year, and brought back some really cute trinkets – like these ornaments they gave to me.  LOVE them – so cute – notice the cow even had a knitted udder!

Family and friends – those are the most important things.  I am so thankful Boom and I have great families and great friends!


5 responses to “Thankful

  1. great, you have such a good thanksgiving…

    by the way, I got a email from a good friend, “DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN TO COOK FOOD”……

  2. Mom cracks me up…she left the same message on my blog! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. Now we must gear up for the happiest time of the year 😉

  3. What about for microwave popcorn?

  4. Why can’t you use the microwave? That is how I prepare 75% of my food! (I am not quite Martha yet!)

    Love the udder!!


  5. Update please 🙂

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