What I’ve been up to lately

Update – Wed night I didn’t stay in – went to hear a lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls with R, my friend from FWCDS (middle and high school).  Then we went to Yia Yia Mary’s Greek Kitchen for dindin – it was quite good!  Another restaurant from the Pappas family.  I was actually exhausted that night – had run 6 miles that morn and then rushed home from a busy day at work to go to the lecture.  But really great to see R and hang out a bit!

* * * * *

Time has just been swirling by! This week after Thanksgiving has just been full of activity (not all of it fun and games)..

So Monday after work I was on the hunt for some jars. I am making some sugar / salt body scrub from a recipe that was in Martha’a latest magazine. It looks easy and really cute! The jars I got are not exactly like that, but still cute nonetheless. Hopefully the end product will be one that would make Martha proud! I am planning on doing this project tomorrow – as I need 2 tomorrow night for hostess gifts for a wine tasting party Boom and I are going to. I may also make this for other folks – depends on how everything goes tomorrow.

Tuesday night I had to go to the grocery store – the worst errand in the world! I hate going to the grocery store – but we had nothing edible left in the house!

Wednesday night I actually stayed in and worked on (warning – if you think you might be getting a homemade gift from me, please stop reading! The fun element of surprise will be missing!):

turning this pile of felt and notions:




I think they are so cute (sorry the photo is sideways)! So whenever I have any down time at home, I have been ornament making, not blog reading or writing!

Thursday I had 2 happy hours to attend, from 4-6 and then the other one until about 8pm. Was good, but tiring and sometimes I’d rather just lounge at home with Boom and Ruby. Not a good attitude, so I combat it, but still.

Tonight some guy has invited Boom and I to his Christmas party, but I am thinking I want to just hang out at home. If Boom really wants to go, of course I am happy to go, but we have a long(ish) run on Sat morning, and lots of things to get done on Saturday. So we’ll see.

Saturday Yarbs and I are taking a needle felting class at Sew Crafty – I am really excited! Hopefully it will be good, as there is a class in Jan that I am interested in taking as well. And Yarbs is gonna take our Christmas card photo on Sat, then the wine tasting is that night.

Good stuff! Christmas will be here before I know it! Marm and dad will be down here for a week – so that will be really great.


One response to “What I’ve been up to lately

  1. Sounds like you’ve been a busy busy girl? I guess not much has changed in moving from Rich to here – I am so happy you guys are finding you niche!
    I *heart* those heart ornaments so I hope I find some in my stocking!
    See you in a couple hours!

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