Good Weekend

Besides Ruby feeling a bit under the weather, we had quite a good weekend!  (and she seems to be better now – so that is good!)

Friday we got our trestle table delivered – and it is the right size and color!  We were more worried about the brown, but seems to work just fine.


I thought the table worked well – and S (my friend and interior designer) came over on Sat morning to confirm.  Which she did.  Then we headed over to a huge lighting sale – they had tons of stuff!  But would have been easier if I knew exactly what I wanted.  Which I did not.  But I did get 2 really big drum shade – we are going to hang them over the kitchen table.  Will be a little modern, but I like to mix looks.


I am loving drum shades these days!  We could put 2 little chandeliers inside the drum shades, but every light fixture in this house doesn’t have to be super expensive or fancy.

Then I had to rush to Sew Crafty Houston for a needle felting class – Yarbs was able to join me as her hair appt got moved.  It was fun!  and something we had never done nor really heard of.  Our teacher was a trained architect, taking a break and doing what she loves – needle felting!  She really has made some amazing things!  Here is what we ended up making (some of them were made today – Sunday):


Cute, eh?  And it involves no sewing, just roving (love that word!  Means natural fiber yarns – wool in our case – that have been drawn out and slightly twisted in preparation for spinning) and stabbing with a very sharp needle.  Imprecise, so good for Yarbs.  I liked it as well, but just need to do some more to see if I really like it.

Saturday afternoon Boom and I spent at the emergency vet, as Ruby was having some digestive issues.  However, there were 2 critical cases that came into the ER so we waited for over 2 hours, and then just had to leave.  We never did see the vet.  (Based on personal experience, as I have had the exact issue that Ruby had – it is not considered an emergency!)  So we just decided to keep an eye on her and take her to our regular vet on Monday morning.  She has not seemed ill – her energy is normal as is her appetite.  So we’ll see.

Saturday night we went to a wine tasting party at my co-worker and friend’s home – it was a lot of fun!  M & her sis were the hostesses, and everyone had a nice time.  Learned some facts about wine and drinking (ex: the US imports more wine from Australia than any other country, over 60% of people in the US do not drink at all, etc) and got to talk with lots of interesting folks.  Liza’s (or LB) old boss, Pat, was especially funny to talk to.  and he was wearing some Chuck Bass pants – loved ’em!  He suggested a new show – Opera Girl – and Liza and I thought that was an excellent idea!

Sunday Boom and I went to yoga (I am so pleased that Boom comes to yoga now!  It is good for him, and I am glad we can do it together!) – Yarbs was there as well.  After class, we picked up some mini-donuts from Shipleys – quite good!

Then Yarbs and I decorated my mini-forest of mini-trees (and 1 white 6-ft tree).  I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough ornaments, but I think all the trees look great!  The big white tree only has ornaments on the front, but that is ok.

img_2084 img_2089

Maybe some day we’ll get a real tree  (a tall one!)- but I want to make sure we can rent a chipper, to chip the tree up after we are done with it to use it as mulch.  Just throwing it away would make me feel way too guilty.  Or maybe we’ll get a tree with a root ball, so that we can plant it after we are finished with it.  But then it wouldn’t be very tall.  Oh well, this year my lil’ forest of unusual trees is good enough.

Then, after the trees had been decorated, I worked on some embroidered felt ornaments (again, if you think you might be getting one from me, please stop reading!).  I really like the bone I made to little Ruru:


And ever more hearts (the button on the heart below on right is vintage!  Love it!):

img_2094 img_2096

Then Yarbs and I bought tickets to a couple different performances we will take Marm and Dad and the hubs to when the ‘rents are in town – Houston Symphony’s Handels Messiah and Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker!  Fun times (tho I don’t think Boom is all that excited for either one – as we have seen and heard both before, but it is the holidays!)

Off to stitch some more ornaments – I love working with felt!


2 responses to “Good Weekend

  1. Table looks nice and I think the drum shades will go well with it. We need to get a nice table cloth and a table pad for the holidays with the fam in town. The decorations came out great you guys did a nice job with the trees.

  2. Hi there,
    I have a long & narrow trestle table and was wondering how your drum shade worked out.. I got a pendant light for mine, and it just doesn’t seem to work.. Any photos?

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