The Story of Edgar Sawtelle


I finished this book over Thanksgiving, and the ending made me so angry that I had a nightmare about it!

I enjoyed most of it (and it was long!), as it was a story of a boy that was born mute and his family – that raised Sawtelle dogs.  But then the uncle comes back into town, and bad, bad things happen.  He is a bad man with a dark heart.  Blah.  And the mom – she should have picked Edgar above everything!  Even now, I can’t think too much about it, as it makes me so mad!

Anyway, I guess life is not fair, but this book was really not fair in it’s ending.  Yarbs also did not like the ending, and I was mad that she didn’t warn me.  Warn me not to read it!  She really thought the ending was a cop-out ending.  Which I agree with, but it seemed to affect me more than her – luckily she didn’t have a nightmare about it!

Ugh, am reading a pretty good historical fiction now… will review once I am finished.


One response to “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

  1. Sorry about the ending. I guess I kind of blocked it out, until you reminded me!
    Ugh – not ready to go back to work tomorrow!

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