What I need…

… is more time!  There aren’t enough hours in the day nor days in a week nor weeks in a month for me to do everything I wish to do!!!  Especially with the holidays approaching – I had grand plans of making a bunch of gifts (I have some ornaments made) but also bigger gifts for Yarbs and Boom, but I don’t think it is going to happen.  and also making some house things – like embroidered holiday placemats – I really don’t think that is going to happen.  I need to finish my friend Gentz’s bday gift from November!  and I add more ideas everyday of things I would like to make or try.  And of course Christmas cards are not out -not even fully designed. (Ugh)…


Also, how is it almost 2009?!  Where did this year go?  I can’t believe it is nearly Christmas and also the end of the year!  I think the traffic in Houston has added to my feeling of time slipping away.  Since I always seem to be rushing around, and not getting enough done.

And work is definitely keeping me busy – which is a good thing.  Am still learning a lot – sometimes feel like I am going to be buried under all the direct mail I am sending out!

It did snow last night.  Here in H-town.  It was really kinda odd – the snow was falling for a couple hours.  Nothing stuck – except the cold temperatures.  Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some photos later this weekend.

Am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but this too shall pass.  I am ready for some down time – time to just chill out and veg.  I guess the problem is that whenever I get any bit of free time, I seem to fill it up with some projects that I want to do!  My own fault.  I suppose it really isn’t in my personality to just chill and veg.  But yet I long for it 😉  Sometimes I think I am crazy (something that Boom oftentimes confirms!).


3 responses to “What I need…

  1. Take a deep breath crazy. We can do cards together this weekend. I can stuff, seal, and stamp. I don’t care if we go to Dallas or not if you are feeling stressed out. The rest of the stuff can all wait.

  2. I know…why did we decide to run the White Rock Marathon?!? Don’t stress about gifties – time spent together is all we need!

  3. take a couple of deep breath-in and slowly out, actually everything can be wait, nothing is that important…

    forget about the marathon, sleep in and relax….

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