I’m still here…

just busy, so the blogging has suffered!  Anyway, here’s the recap of this past week:

uva-saberMonday night was the UVa Alumni Club of Houston Holiday party.  It was fun!  It was at a huge house in River Oaks, the fancy pants neighborhood in Houston.  I didn’t have house-envy, I had furniture-envy!  The home had room after room full of lovely furniture!

Tuesday night was the Development department’s holiday party at Buca di Beppo.  I had never been there before – so I was glad to get to try it, but not sure I am rushing to go back.  We were supposed to be in the Pope room, but somehow we got bumped from there and got put into a room that was slightly too small for the number of folks we had.  We also did a white elephant gift exchange, and this is what I ended up with:

img_2148It is a handmade heart-shaped basket, made by someone with disabilities at the Brookwood community.  I thought it was really sweet, and was glad no one stole it from me!  LB said no one else really wanted it, which was just fine with me!

Wednesday was a late work night for me – I didn’t leave until around 7pm!  and then I attempted to find some velvet pants in Rice Village, which was a mistake.  It was packed and I was tired and not really in the shopping mood. Needless to say, I ended up empty handed.  That night I started to really feel sick – couldn’t breath through my nose!  And I am a horrible sick person – feel bad for Boom when he has to deal with me.

Thursday I had some blood taken – 8 vials!  It was a lot –  I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough blood left!  But I do think it contributed to me feeling sick and bad.  Blah.  To add insult to injury, we had to fly to Charlotte for less than 24-hours for a work party!  Traveling whilst sick is not all that fun.

img_2143img_2144But it was nice to meet all the peeps at Boom’s firm, granted I’ll likely only see them once a year, but still nice to meet folks.  It was weird, as when we were in RIC, I knew everyone!  and here I was the random satellite office wife.

Getting home on Friday was slightly painful.  Our flight was delayed a couple hours, due to no crew.  I guess the crew had gotten in late Thursday night, and FAA regulations state that pilots have to have at least 8 hours off, but we didn’t hear any of that until after the crew finally arrived.  And then the fog was so thick, I was afraid we would be delayed due to poor visibility!  But we weren’t.  Just too bad that we had gotten up at 4am our time – so made for a tiring day at work.

I had brought in some holiday gifts for my supervisor and the big bosses, and handed them out when I got to work on Friday:

img_2142Since it is all about the packaging, I thought they turned out pretty cute!  I wish I had had more time to make hot chocolate mix to give out in jars (I had seen it on a blog, but can’t find the post anymore!).  Maybe next year.  Boom and I were exhausted on Friday night, so it was a good night to stay in and chill out.

Saturday we went Christmas shopping – we divided and conquered and so we were done by noon!  Lots of sales going on, due to pre-xmas sales as well as the down economy.  We had some friends come over that night, which was great and I hope to do more of entertaining at home once we get more furniture.  EK brought me an Xmas gift – and it was so cute:

146729491Quite a surprise and just so cute!  And fitting!  I was just thinking the other day, I basically collect cookbooks.  I just love them.  Wish I loved cooking as much as looking at cookbooks, but maybe that will follow.

Sunday morning I went to yogidy, then Marm and Dad came into town!  We went to Ruggles Green for lunch, which was quite good!  They gave us 2 desserts for free, since they forgot to place Marm’s order.  I will def go back – good food, green, and good customer service!  Then it was downtown for Handel’s Messiah.  I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it was the boys fav.  Once Yarbs posts, I’ll be able to show photos from Sunday.  And it is getting cold again, so much more approp for this season.

A short work week and then Christmas!  Where did 2008 go?  (BTW, I am sending out new years cards, as I didn’t have my stuff together enough to send out Xmas cards.)  2009 is going to be a good year – I can just feel it!


2 responses to “I’m still here…

  1. I enjoyed the mesiah. Excited for 2009!!

  2. When should I expect my first Opera Lovers meal?

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