Holiday Break


Sunday, 12/21:  Here we all are at Jones Hall – for Handel’s Messiah.  I really loved having Marm and Dad around for the whole week!

ornament2Me and my favorite gal – it was also really great getting to hang out with Yarbs and Josephine for such an extended amount of time.  Even though Yarbs and I live in the same city, the fall has been so busy we haven’t been able to see a lot of each other.  So this week was really nice.


12/22:  We went to Yarbs and Joe’s for dinner after work, then back to the Wortham to see the Nutcracker.  I have seen this now in 3 cities – Dallas, Richmond and H-town.  It was a long, tiring night, after a full day of work.


12/23:  This is likely the closest to Christmas that I have worked.  We usually travel during the holidays, so typically, we are somewhere else by this point.  It was a sad day for me – it was the last day in 2008 that my coworker and friend, Mere (middle), and I worked together – she is moving on to a bigger and better opportunity!  I am a little scared, but she will be back for 3 days in 2009.  She will be sorely missed.  K, the other gal in the photo (far right), has also left the Opera.  She is moving to NYC with her boyfriend who is an opera singer!  Fun times.

12/24: Christmas Eve!  After dinner we drove around River Oaks, the fancy neighborhood, to check out the lights.  Will post photos after Yarbs gets them up on her blog!

12/25:  Christmas!  I got so many great gifts – everyone was really quite generous!  Boom was all about the Martha Stewart gifts, which was just fine with me.  Again, will post photos after Yarbs does.

slumdogmillionaire_galleryposter12/26:  Marm, Dad, Boom and I went to see this movie (Yarbs and Joe has already seen it, and highly recommended it) – it was really, really great!  I think I had heard a bit too much about it, about how awesome it was, and I really liked it and thought it was great, but my expectations were high.  That being said, I highly recommend everyone to go out and see it!

That night, we went to dindin with some old, old family friends, the L’s.  Their sons (and families) live here in Houston, so we figured we should get together when the parents are around (since Marm and dad are really great friends with them).  But the sons were sick, so it was just our fam and Mr. and Mrs. L.  They are really great – Mrs. L always says we were like her daughters!  So sweet.

12/27:  Marm and dad left this morning.  I was sad to see them go.  I have been working on cleaning and organizing my craft room.  I am making strides, but it still seems rather messy.  I decided to reorg based on what I use the most.  So now I can see all my fabric – which is great!  And moved the lesser used things into the closet.  I’ll post photos when I am finished, hopefully tomorrow!

I love my parents and sister and Boom so much.  Was very glad to be able to spend so much time with them!


3 responses to “Holiday Break

  1. yes, family time is a good thing! i always wish i had taken more photos afterwards. i will post more photos soon!

  2. I enjoyed the movie. There seem to be a lot of movies out right now related to wars. Not sure why that is given that most of America seems fed up with the war. If anyone has seen anything lately that they like let us know.


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