More holiday photos

2008xmas1I love all the photos we take – many thanks to Yarbs for being such a good family historian!  (Yarbs got some new Photoshop actions – wonder if she used them on this photo?)  Next year, I think we want to all wear red and white striped shirts – need to keep an eye out for them (maybe after Valentines Day?).



Monday night – Before the Nutcracker (back at the Wortham!) – Everyone in front of the big tree.

200812eeornament 200812tingornament

Some Christmas Eve crafting – Yarbs and I were blog surfing and decided that we should do more and surf less.  So we made some felt gingerbread men ornaments.  Yarb’s poor gingerbread man was not fully stuffed, so his arms and head were flat.  Good thing he had extra large buttons to compensate!

200812rubyChristmas!  Our very own Virgin Merry – or maybe Yoda, trying to warm up.  Ruby loves her creature comforts (and blankets) so much!

200812sillyfamOur typical BLIND TIGER pose – I never tire of it!  So funny!  Friends in VA introduced me to it, and the fam had really embraced it!

200812socksYarbs got us all new socks and she wanted to capture them somehow.  Joe had the good idea to prop them up on the top of the sofa!  Ruby didn’t know what was going on – we were all lying on our backs on the floor!  Cute shot!

I have really enjoyed these few days off.  At least next week is a short one – just 3 days.  But I know they were will very busy, which makes me kinda dread them.  Oh well.

I also need to get on my New Years cards – I clearly wasn’t on the ball enough for Xmas cards, so I need to get on myself to finalize our NY cards.  I was supposed to do that this past weekend, but it just didn’t happen.   Sometimes it is nice to not be on the computer at all really for a few days.


3 responses to “More holiday photos

  1. I love that socks shot…it’s going to be a framer!

  2. I have decided that I need a new hobby for 2009 to keep me occupied during the numerous hours that Tingaling is crafting. Potential options that I have worked through include:

    1) Piano (would involve buying a casio synthesizer and potentially looking like a young Ross from friends “working on my music.”)
    2. Spanish (would involve purchasing Rosetta stone CDs and would allow me to be more conversant with the large hispanic population in the Houston area.)
    3. Reading Great Works (would focus primarily on the top american writers.)
    4. Golf (would be relatively more expensive than other options and keep me out of the house more.)

    I would appreciate if all visitors to the site could let me know which of the above they would vote for or suggest an alternative.


  3. Joe is seriously considering getting the Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish – maybe you should chat with him about that! Otherwise my vote would be to learn the piano and “work on your music”

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