Just a few more photos…

img_2150Oh Marmidy! Isn’t she the cutest?! Marm cooked all week long – so that we could get our fill of homemade Chinese food. and it was all delish!

img_2152Awww – Ruru! She loved the stuffed octopus that she got for Christmas. She was able to get through to the stuffing in less than 1 hour!

img_2159Ruby really looks like such a young pup in this photo! She is just the cutest! I am glad that she is a superdog and will live forever, as I can’t really imagine our lives without her!


3 responses to “Cuteness!

  1. Those are some cuties! oxox

  2. P.S. I did do some scrappin’ yesterday – hence the mess I still need to clean up today!

  3. Yes the h-days were a good time all around with the exception of the flu that I apparently caught at the tail end. Ruby did a nice job with the family and did give her new toy “The Business.” The package said it was virtually indestructable which since I know she can read she took as some sort of challenge. Within an hour she was running arround with a big plum of whit stuffing material hanging out of her mouth. She looked like Ruby Van Winkle. Hope everyone has a nice kickoff to 2009.

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