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seem to be by “day off” from other obligations – and yesterday was great as I had nothing scheduled to do, Boom was at the “draft” for his Little League team he is helping coach, and I just hung out my best pup.  Her snoring is quite comforting.

ruruThis is Yarbs’ award-winning photo of lil Ruru – looking so cute as she patiently (or not so patiently) waits for treat.

This past week / weekend was crazy-busy:

Tues – Work events; home around 8pm

Wed – Friend dinner; fun and love them, but still tiring

Thurs – volunteering; home around 830pm

Friday – work; home around 10pm

Saturday – all day craft-fest (woot woot!) with Yarbs; social event – home around 130am

Sunday – UGH; skipped yogi; work from 12 – 4; bunko from 7 – 10

Monday (yesterday) – a little down time (whew!)

And this week is not looking any better – in fact, I will have more work events over the weekend!!!  Which I do enjoy, but just makes having a life outside work more difficult.  I really enjoyed the quiet and stillness of yesterday.  More madness to come – maybe I’ll try to take a photo each day starting today for the week – test try Yarbs’ photo a day thing she is trying to get me to do.

Saturday Night

fireandiceSaturday night, S, J Boom and I went to HYPA Fire and Ice Gala at the Houston Pavillions – and had a great time!  I really didn’t know what to expect, but I am always up for trying something new and exploring the city a bit more.  S & J are great – and since we are new to H-town together, it is always fun to check things out with them.


I saw some folks from the Opera (staff / supporters) and talked to most of them – always good to see people outside of Opera functions.  And the fire dancers – they portrayed the “Fire” part of “Fire and Ice” quite well!

img_2229img_2227It was quite chilly – since the Pavillions are partially covered (which means partially uncovered).  So the temperature, along with the ice sculptures (and full ice bar!) fulfilled the “Ice” part.  We sure did feel bad for the fire dancing lady that was scantily clad – and basically bare footed on the concrete – brrrr!

And the poor bartenders – dealing with drinks and ice in the cold air!  We had to be under a stand heater at all times – unfort, it made our heads and scalps so hot!  At least I had my cute jacket from Chloe Dao’s Lot 8 store to wear and kinda keep me warm – I love that it is navy and has a bit of a bubble shape to it.  And the fake fur muffler I got in NYC years ago really was a great help in keeping me warm.


S was wearing an animal – she was a little hesitant, but I told her she should wear it to keep warm.  And we are in H-town, so there were plenty of other ladies wearing animals as well.


The post party was in the House of Blues Foundation Room – which was cool to check out.  And it was packed!  I guess most people wanted to get out of the cold.  It had a maharaja Indian thing going on – which was a little odd, but at least it had a definite point of view.

We even met some new folks during the night – Houstonians really are friendly and laid back – love it!  I love how it is a such a small world, one of the new guys we met knew someone Boom used to work with in Richmond, and another knew one of Boom’s fraternity bros up at Corn-hell!  I didn’t know people from El Paso went to Cornell.

img_22351“Welcome to Houston!”



There aren’t too many TV shows that I watch, so I was really sad when Scrubs ended last season on NBC.  Then I was really excited when ABC picked it up – and the first few shows on the new network were quite good and funny.  BUT now they are having JD and Elliot (who looks fabulous this season!  I think she’s lost some LBs) get back together?!  Hasn’t this been a plot line for them for ages?  I really wish they could move away from having them get together (and then break up) as it is no longer interesting for viewers…  if only they had asked me!

gossip_girl_logo_2The greatest show of our time – it is so true!  Everyone should watch GG and love it!  Chuck is the best!  Too bad they killed off Bart, as he was great too! (Do you read the blog?  It rocks!  I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to recently, but I promise I’ll get better)  BUT… I am getting rather bored with the whole Serena-Dan together-apart in a matter of hours scenario.  It has totally been overplayed.  And the Rufus-Lily angle as well.  I am really tired of the two of them being apart, together, apart, together, etc.  Snooze-ville!  Again, why didn’t they just consult me?!

Anyway, that is the end of my negative nelly rant.



We got the rug we ordered months ago for our living room…

This is the photo from Horchow (so you can see how a professional photo of it looks – with the right lighting and what not):


And here it is in our home:


A close up of the border pattern:


We really love it! It totally brings things together, and makes the room seem less huge, which is a good thing. I can’t wait to get our brown daybed – will really nearly finish the room! And I need to get some floor lamps as well as find a (large) coffee table and desk. So much to do, so little time.

I will take some photos of the sofa soon as well – it is quite amazing and I realized I hadn’t put it up on the bloggy blog.

3rd Place… and a bandit!

This weekend, my friend W came into town with his girlfriend, S.  W and I are friends from Seal Team in the RIC.  Saturday night, we took them to our favorite TexMex restaurant – El Tiempo.  It was crowded, but we were fine waiting at the bar with a beer!

img_2201When they left Richmond, it was around 3 degrees!  Ugh!  I didn’t know S really at all, so it was nice to get to know her a bit.  They are a cute couple!  She was taller than I remembered, and they were more lovey-dovey than I remembered, but I hadn’t really seen them together much before this.

img_2202Boom and I!  I like the shirt he is wearing (plaid on the bias!) – I bought it for him a few years ago, but he never really liked it, as it didn’t fit quite right (it was too tight) since he was all “puff up” (as Mumsie refers to Booms pudgier days).  But now since he is a thinny minnie, it fits and looks great!

We got home from dinner around 10pm, which was 11pm for W and S, and with the big 5K race the next day, we all called it a night.  It was a long week for me, so I was quite tired.



Here we are, in the garage around 545am.  All wearing our Seal Team shirts!  Notice my number is not as ridiculously large, as I have folded it into an “elite” athlete’s number.

I ran the 5K in 24:50 – not too bad for a gal who is not really in very good shape!  I was pleased with my time.  And the first mile was pretty slow, since there were so many people!  Evidently, my age group is a slow, weak group as I came in third in it!!!  The first place woman in my age group came in at 23:45 – so if only I had pushed it about 25 seconds faster each mile, I could have won the very competitive 30-34 female age group.

S came in at 25:50, and 5th in her age group.  W came in at 23:56, and 13th in his age group.  Boom, who had registered for the marathon but ran the 5k since he hadn’t trained much really, came in before W, but how much, no one can say.  Would be the word of a bandit we’d be taking, and we all know that is a slippery slope!

After the race, we got coffee and kolaches!  I had way too many of them a month or two ago, but I was ready to try again, for the team.  S and W really liked the kolaches – and so did I.  They are really cute and round and have a good proportion of filling to bun.  The half way point of the marathon is just a few steps from our house, so we were able to go and watch and cheer for some of the runners.

img_2208Here we are, proudly wearing our 5K medals!  It was cold this week, but Sunday was really nice.  Cool, but sunny and clear.  Maybe a bit too warm for the marathon runners, but just fine for us and half marathoners.

img_2213After taking S & W to our favorite breakfast / brunch spot – The Buffalo Grille – we headed over to the Montrose Berryhill to hang out and enjoy the nice weather outside.  We did this a couple years ago when Yarbs and Josephine and I all ran the full marathon.  Yarbs and Josephine and their gays met us there – it was fun!  I guess the jello shots probably helped…



This year, Yarbs ran the half marathon in 1:59:59, so she made it under her goal of 2 hours!  Josephine ran the full marathon and finished in 3:37:33.  He qualified for Boston last year (at Dallas) and will be running that in April!

And here are two of my favorite people in the whole, wide world…


eeting_bh1and I just found out today that Josephine will be out of town next weekend, so it will be a Craft Weekend for Yarb and me!  Fun times!

A good, fun weekend, but I am now beat!  (and, not to mention I am a FOOTBALL SAVANT, but more on that later…)

Busy Busy Busy

I haven’t been good about updating this week – things have been so busy!  Definitely no rest for the weary… The only day I got home before 930pm was Monday!  Some work, some cultural…

Tues – Work event I worked

Wed – Boom and I went to see Mrs. Warren’s Profession at the Alley Theater.

Thursday – Volunteering at HAWC, then to Barnaby’s for dindin with EK.

Friday – Boom and I are a part of the Houston Symphony’s Young Professionals Backstage group, so we went to see Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto.  Boom was not a huge fan – I think he is more of a Pops guy.

Now the house is all clean – and we are waiting for W and his gfriend, S, to get to our house.  They are running the Houston EP 5K – part of the Houston Marathon runs tomorrow.

I think we are going to take them to the old standby tonight – El Tiempo.  Yummy – fish tacos!

Photos and better postings after this weekend!

A little craftiness

On Sunday, in honor of Craft Sunday afternoon, that Yarbs had to miss due to closet cleaning duties (boo), I took a few minutes and made some much-needed cards… with the help of Yarb’s new contraption, the Slice!  It is great – it cuts cute shapes and letters out of paper!  She got it for Christmas and now the possibilities are endless!

And isn’t it cute?!  It can be used with the cord or without!  So it is quite portable, and more importantly, when you are in a craft-zone, you don’t have to be encumbered with a cord!

Here are some of the designs I came up with – I added the bling, as everyone likes a little bling bling…

img_2193Some baby cards – thought the gingham was very approp!  And at the ends of their antennae is where the bling is!


Some birthday cards… need to send them out!  See, there are so many possibilities!  The Slice has provided many hours of entertainment!  And Yarbs houses it in my craft room (we set up a Slice station) – which is fun – but I just don’t have enough time to use it all that much.