Happy 2009!

img_2165Here’s Boom and I before we headed over to a friend’s house to ring in the new year.  J’s house is still kinda under renovation, so it was a very casual NYE celebration, which was perfect for me!  Great house – perfect for entertaining!


Amigurumi fun – little birdies…

img_2182…and the flock grows bigger!  Many thanks to BitterSweet for the free pattern!  I need to learn how to crochet not in the round – maybe I can teach myself that next weekend.

img_2171I also tried to make this cactus – but Ana Paula’s are much cuter.  Many thanks for the free pattern!  I also didn’t have the correct things to fill the bottom part of the cactus with, so it wouldn’t stand up – and it was also a little lopsided.  So I think I looks good as an ornament!

Yarbs and I had craft Sunday and did quite a few scrapbook layouts – I did one layout with old high school photos, and it was HILARIOUS!  I think I am going to focus January on scrapping old photos – since I have so many of them already printed out and just taking up space in boxes in my closet.

Oh, my craft room is squeaky clean!  It looks like I am moving out.  Will post photos soon.  I reorg’ed most everything and put things out on the shelves that I use a lot and things that I don’t use too much went into the closet.  Most everything has a place – and I am hoping to keep it tidy.  I just have to force myself to clean up after every craft session.

And the weather down here is just crazy.  Sunday morning, it was hot and humid, but by 4pm is was quite chilly.  Monday was pretty cold!  I am hoping I am getting used to the fluctuation temps and won’t get sick from them.

2009 will be a good year for Boom and I – and for all my friends.  I really, really hope so!


2 responses to “Happy 2009!

  1. 1. That Amigurumi stuff is for the birds. No literally it is. I was being serious.

    2. The over/under for how long Ting will keep her craft space tidy is currently 1.4 hours. I am taking any and all action.

    3. Great looking cactus ornament and multi-functional to boot. If there was ever a drought in Houston you could snap off a leave and suck the cactus water to stay hydrated.

    4. Little inside Amigurumi knowledge. The bird family was actually created in the likeness of the Bresnahan family.

  2. I love those little birdies – too cute! And yes, scrapping old photos is loads of fun…a walk down memory lane!
    p.s. did you watch gg last night – so much drama – love it!

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