Movie Reviews

This holiday break I saw 5 (five!!!) movies – that is nearly my quota for the year!

I reviewed Slumdog Millionare earlier – here are the other gems that I saw:

fredclausposterYarbs wanted to see Elf but of course it wasn’t available a couple days before Christmas.  So we got Fred Claus – it was exactly what I expected.  A typical holiday movie – with a feel good ending.  It didn’t bill itself as anything else, so just fine for a Vince Vaugh holiday movie.

burnafterreadingpostersBurn After Reading was not what I expected at all.  Granted, the last scene had Boom and I laughing out loud, but it was an odd, odd movie.  Interesting and unexpected, but not my favorite.  I think any movie with John Malkovich has to be kinda odd.

traitorposterThe DVD we rented of Traitor had some scratches or something so it kept skipping and getting stuck – highly annoying.  But it was pretty good – love Don Cheadle.  However it kinda makes things seem hopeless.  <Sigh> I wish I had some Muslim friends – just so I could ask questions and learn about their culture.  In DC, I had a Muslim friend Amir – and he was great!  But we lost touch, and that was my one and only thin connection to the Muslim culture.

We also saw The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe: Part 2 – it was OK.  Seemed to me that the kids that went back were not much help to Narnia.  But whatever.

Movies are fine, but sometimes it seems like they take up a lot of time that could be better used elsewhere.  However, when we were at the Angelika, there were quite a few previews that looked pretty good.  So we’ll see if we end up seeing some of those films.


4 responses to “Movie Reviews

  1. Movies can be a useful 2 to 3 hour break from reality that helps to re-energize and ignite your creative thinking. They just need to be good movies that make you think or make you laugh out loud. It seems like for every 1 movie that is actually worth seeing there are 20 that leave you scratching your head as to why anyone would spend money making it.

  2. I preferred the Chronicles of Narnia over the other movies. The talking animals were very realistic and I had an easier time identifying with them than the human characters.

  3. I am feeling much much better after 5 days of stomach flu, somehow I lost 8lbs, now I’m trying to get some back….

    received you new year card, very very beautiful, all those cracheting, scratching stuff, you are pretty talented, but don’t over do it, take your time and take good care of your health under those rollercoast tempertures…

  4. LOL – what is cracheting?!?! scratching stuff?? mom, you crack me up!
    p.s. who took that beautiful photo???

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