Sniff Sniff

Yesterday was MereBear’s last day at work.  Sniff sniff.  We had a Farewell Happy Hour for her a McElroys.

img_2185Here are all the ladies – former and current.  Aren’t we so cute?!  I am quite apprehensive with her gone.  I know that baby bird needs to fly sometime, but I just wish I had had more time to learn and glean information from her vast knowledge.  Unbenownst to her, I think I have decided that she will be my mentor, tho she is younger than me, she has much more experience in the Development field.  So hopefully she won’t mind my appointment!  I really also hope that we can stay in good touch!  Sigh – the opera won’t be the same without her!


3 responses to “Sniff Sniff

  1. Cute photo. Which girl is leaving?

  2. That is one motley crue.

  3. Retraction of last comment. The above posting came from Boom not Ruby. She is cleary too much of a lady to make a catty remark.

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