currentgroupTomorrow night, Boom, LB, C-line and I are going to see the Cornell Glee Club and The Hangovers (the male a capella group)!!!  I wonder if we will be the only 4 people under the age of 60.

When Boom told me about it, I immediately thought that it would be right up LB’s alley.  And I was right!  She and C-line are most excited about The Hangovers – she thinks we should all wear sweater sets or sweaters with leather elbow patches.  I was hoping Boom still had his letterman’s jacket to wear, but no such luck.

Not to worry, Boom and I will be headed to an age appropriate bar afterwards for my friend’s bday.  Hopefully these Cornell cats are good – excited to check them out!


3 responses to “BIG PLANS!!!!

  1. Hee hee – I’m sure you have a sweater set somewhere…

  2. How was the show? What are you up to this weekend? Unfort I can’t do craft Sunday afternoon tomorrow – we are working on closet stuff this weekend – finally!
    See you in yogi tomorrow!

  3. Show was pretty good. They were a little somber/preachy in the firts half, but they picked it up in the second half with some more upbeat tunes. They had a cool South African song that we enjoyed much.

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