A favorite cousin of mine just had a baby (well, his wife birthed the baby, but you know what I mean) – and she is SOOOOOO CUTE!  Just adorable:

two-hours-oldHere she is at two hours – a mere 2 hours! and she looks nothing like Yoda, like a lot of new borns do.  Looks like she has a little meat on her bones, which I like.  Babies should be chubby!

after-first-bathAnd here she is after her first bath – sigh – I bet she smells good!  and she seems to be relaxed and just chillin’, which is always a good thing.

almost-one-day-oldHere she is – almost one day old.  Not looking as relaxed as earlier, but still a real cutie.  I really can’t wait to meet her!  I bet I’ll be up in DC for some of Coco’s wedding festivities, so would be great to see my cuz and his wife and bebe!


2 responses to “ADORABLE!!!!!!

  1. Yes, she is totally adorable. A wonderful addition to the extended Wang family!

  2. The last picture reminds me of Tingaling when she doesn’t get what she wants or when she accidently drops the sweet treat that she was just eating on the ground.

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