A little craftiness

On Sunday, in honor of Craft Sunday afternoon, that Yarbs had to miss due to closet cleaning duties (boo), I took a few minutes and made some much-needed cards… with the help of Yarb’s new contraption, the Slice!  It is great – it cuts cute shapes and letters out of paper!  She got it for Christmas and now the possibilities are endless!

And isn’t it cute?!  It can be used with the cord or without!  So it is quite portable, and more importantly, when you are in a craft-zone, you don’t have to be encumbered with a cord!

Here are some of the designs I came up with – I added the bling, as everyone likes a little bling bling…

img_2193Some baby cards – thought the gingham was very approp!  And at the ends of their antennae is where the bling is!


Some birthday cards… need to send them out!  See, there are so many possibilities!  The Slice has provided many hours of entertainment!  And Yarbs houses it in my craft room (we set up a Slice station) – which is fun – but I just don’t have enough time to use it all that much.


2 responses to “A little craftiness

  1. cool cards! they are beautiful!

  2. Please call the device by its full and proper name “KIMBO SLICE!!!!!” The exclamation points are no mistake. It should be shouted at the top of your lungs when spoke.

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