There aren’t too many TV shows that I watch, so I was really sad when Scrubs ended last season on NBC.  Then I was really excited when ABC picked it up – and the first few shows on the new network were quite good and funny.  BUT now they are having JD and Elliot (who looks fabulous this season!  I think she’s lost some LBs) get back together?!  Hasn’t this been a plot line for them for ages?  I really wish they could move away from having them get together (and then break up) as it is no longer interesting for viewers…  if only they had asked me!

gossip_girl_logo_2The greatest show of our time – it is so true!  Everyone should watch GG and love it!  Chuck is the best!  Too bad they killed off Bart, as he was great too! (Do you read the blog?  It rocks!  I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to recently, but I promise I’ll get better)  BUT… I am getting rather bored with the whole Serena-Dan together-apart in a matter of hours scenario.  It has totally been overplayed.  And the Rufus-Lily angle as well.  I am really tired of the two of them being apart, together, apart, together, etc.  Snooze-ville!  Again, why didn’t they just consult me?!

Anyway, that is the end of my negative nelly rant.



5 responses to “Ex-Oh-Ex-Oh

  1. GG is the best!!!! I am pretty tired of both the Serena-Dan thing and the Lily-Rufus thing, but whatevs. I haven’t read the blog though – going to right now!!

    By the way, did you know that Chuck is English? I saw him on an interview the other day and he busted out in his English accent – he was showing how he could do the American accent for the show – I had no idea!

  2. Woops, I meant to sign that comment appropriately:


    hehe 🙂

  3. Did you know that I am actually English as well and that I just talk in an American accent when Ting’s friends are around. She said that my natural accent makes me sound like a stuck up bore. The sacrifices I have made to win this woman’s affection are many.

  4. those pups are too cute!

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