Saturday Night

fireandiceSaturday night, S, J Boom and I went to HYPA Fire and Ice Gala at the Houston Pavillions – and had a great time!  I really didn’t know what to expect, but I am always up for trying something new and exploring the city a bit more.  S & J are great – and since we are new to H-town together, it is always fun to check things out with them.


I saw some folks from the Opera (staff / supporters) and talked to most of them – always good to see people outside of Opera functions.  And the fire dancers – they portrayed the “Fire” part of “Fire and Ice” quite well!

img_2229img_2227It was quite chilly – since the Pavillions are partially covered (which means partially uncovered).  So the temperature, along with the ice sculptures (and full ice bar!) fulfilled the “Ice” part.  We sure did feel bad for the fire dancing lady that was scantily clad – and basically bare footed on the concrete – brrrr!

And the poor bartenders – dealing with drinks and ice in the cold air!  We had to be under a stand heater at all times – unfort, it made our heads and scalps so hot!  At least I had my cute jacket from Chloe Dao’s Lot 8 store to wear and kinda keep me warm – I love that it is navy and has a bit of a bubble shape to it.  And the fake fur muffler I got in NYC years ago really was a great help in keeping me warm.


S was wearing an animal – she was a little hesitant, but I told her she should wear it to keep warm.  And we are in H-town, so there were plenty of other ladies wearing animals as well.


The post party was in the House of Blues Foundation Room – which was cool to check out.  And it was packed!  I guess most people wanted to get out of the cold.  It had a maharaja Indian thing going on – which was a little odd, but at least it had a definite point of view.

We even met some new folks during the night – Houstonians really are friendly and laid back – love it!  I love how it is a such a small world, one of the new guys we met knew someone Boom used to work with in Richmond, and another knew one of Boom’s fraternity bros up at Corn-hell!  I didn’t know people from El Paso went to Cornell.

img_22351“Welcome to Houston!”

2 responses to “Saturday Night

  1. The foundation room is supposed to be pretty exclusive – you must be someone special!! (Cindy took us there when she was in town since HOB is actually owned by LiveNation).
    Missed you at yogi!

  2. Ting was bitten by a rare al-kihal bug on Saturday evening that had her feeling a bit under the weather Sunday morning. She was unable to attend yogi as she momentaily lost all sense of balance.

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