seem to be by “day off” from other obligations – and yesterday was great as I had nothing scheduled to do, Boom was at the “draft” for his Little League team he is helping coach, and I just hung out my best pup.  Her snoring is quite comforting.

ruruThis is Yarbs’ award-winning photo of lil Ruru – looking so cute as she patiently (or not so patiently) waits for treat.

This past week / weekend was crazy-busy:

Tues – Work events; home around 8pm

Wed – Friend dinner; fun and love them, but still tiring

Thurs – volunteering; home around 830pm

Friday – work; home around 10pm

Saturday – all day craft-fest (woot woot!) with Yarbs; social event – home around 130am

Sunday – UGH; skipped yogi; work from 12 – 4; bunko from 7 – 10

Monday (yesterday) – a little down time (whew!)

And this week is not looking any better – in fact, I will have more work events over the weekend!!!  Which I do enjoy, but just makes having a life outside work more difficult.  I really enjoyed the quiet and stillness of yesterday.  More madness to come – maybe I’ll try to take a photo each day starting today for the week – test try Yarbs’ photo a day thing she is trying to get me to do.


4 responses to “Mondays…

  1. Just carry your camera around with you and snap a photo when the mood strikes you – it can be as mundane as your lunch! It’s fun to look at the photos over time…

  2. Yarbs can you use photoshop to darken Ruby’s white beard? I will purchase a box of “Just for Pups” from Petco on the way home and give color her beard.

  3. I think she looks great just the way she is!
    p.s. tingaling you need to update please!

  4. you guys need to slow down……

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