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Oh, BL…

“Tingaling, you are good at a lot of things.. but you are NOT a good drinker! Paging Nurse Tingaling… paging Nurse Tingaling…”


Too funny! That was my favorite quote from hanging out with LB last weekend (photo above from another weekend – notice her stance – love it!) – am looking forward to what she has to say tonight – we’ll be out again at the Symphony Ball!


Anyone who knows me knows that I love sweets! and sugar! and I enjoy baking, but sometimes it doesn’t quite as planned…

Earlier in the week, I had found a recipe for cinnamon rolls that looked fairly easy and good. Well, I decided I should try to make the iced cinnamon rolls a bit “healthier” and use half wheat and half white flour. Bad idea – if you are going to make cinnamon rolls, just do it all the way and make them with 100% white flour.

img_2356Here is how they looked before I baked them. Not too shabby, but when I was kneeding the dough, it was not soft and lovely to work with, it was rather stiff and hard! I guess that is what the wheat flour brings to the table.

img_2358And here they are after – they look basically the same, just with some icing (which was quite tasty) on top. They were kinda like little cinnamon roll pucks – not really soft, per se. Boom was a good sport and ate 2 of them (as did I) but I guess we were also pretty hungry.

Last night I made some brownies (from a box) and made myself a brownie banana sundae!

img_2366Under all that whipped cream is a banana and warm brownie – yummy! People who have cut sugar out of their diet have way more will power than me. And no-sugar diets are a sure-fail with me. I think Yarbs is trying not to have sugar as part of her pre – PV (Puerto Vallarta) diet. I think that could kill me, or at least cause me to do bodily harm to myself or some unfortunate bystander. Maybe someday, but I doubt it!


We had a fun but busy weekend – Friday we got to check out Pregos and Benjys, and they are both within 5 minutes of our house, so it was excellent!


img_2338LB cracks me up!!  I think she is so cute, as well – makes going to work lots of fun!

And Saturday night was the Spacetaker Synergy Gala – it was a random mix of people wearing everything from cocktail dresses to folks in T-shirts and jeans.  I love it!  Old, young, male, female, gay, straight, etc.  It was just great – and I always love seeing a great mix of folks.




Boom made some friends at the end of the night – they were very cool guys!  They were asking us what our signs were – they were both Taurus’.  I loved their matching berets!  We commiserated at not knowing what “Boho Chic” meant.  My earrings were feathers, which was my nod to boho.

After the gala, we went to a friend’s Mardi Gras party.  Good to see her and some of the other ladies there!


Sunday was filled with antique shopping (didn’t get anything) and napping.  Then Bunko at night.  and the Oscars – too bad I’ve only seen Slumdog Millionaire – at least it is winning a bunch!  and I may want to buy the Slumdog soundtrack…

I think this past Saturday was also SCAN’s Mardi Gras party – 2nd year!  I remember working so hard on it last year, so I hope that it was a huge success this year as well!


I had dinner with a friend a few weeks ago and she was saying how when she and her sisters get together there is always a lot of drama and tears and hurt feelings. Now, there are 3 of them as opposed to just Yarbs and me, and maybe that adds to the drama of their get togethers, but it did get me thinking. About how lucky I am to 1) have a sister, 2) have such a great sister like Yarbs, and 3) have my sister and BF be the same person. It is really great. Especially now that we are living in the same city. We always have a good time together, and there really aren’t ever tears or drama involved. Just usually lots of crafting or shopping.


Of course, with our busy schedules, I don’t get to see her nearly as much as I would like, but much more than when I was in VA. So that is good. And we have very different interests, which is a good thing. Lots of common interests, but also lots of different ones. Regardless, we make a good team!

img_0001(I am loving getting these old photos up! They are just too cute – and I can’t imagine being so small!) Yarbs – I love ya! XOXO

Installation Art: I *Heart* Boom

My first piece of installation art came in the form of a Vday gift to Boom – the trick was getting it up on the 14th without him seeing.  Luckily for me, he had little league practice and then he went to hit balls on the driving range.  So after volunteering in the morning, I rushed home to get started.

The blank slate.  I kinda planned it out a little bit, but not really…




Done?  Well, I thought so, but then came to the realization that the heart was not nearly BIG enough!  And I have so many photos I could probably cover the entire wall!

img_2304Much better!  (click on image to get a better look)

Isn’t it just the cutest?!  I *heart* it myself!  and we can leave it up until we have something better to put there – with all the other more pressing things we need for this house, it could stay up for a while!  Which is just fine for me.

This was our 10th Vday together – crazy to think about!  But so, so great.  I am just sorry that sometimes I can be such a turd to Boom, the person I love the most.

And here was his most excellent gift to me… baked, stuffed lobster!  I love this dish – it is quite a treat!  There are scallops in the stuffing, so it is a very rich treat.  We only have it about 2x a year – so it really is a rare and wonderful treat.

img_2318with some delicious champagne (who doesn’t love the Veuve?!)

img_2313What a cutie!  I am truly a very lucky gal.  With the two of us polishing off the bottle, we were in bed by 930pm!  At least we got a lot time to sleep off the Veuve.

Boom – I love you!  Thanks for making me so happy and for putting up with my crumpiness!!


Out with the Ladies!

Last night some gals and I attended a pre-Opera Ball event at M. Penner. I hadn’t ever checked out one of these events, and it was quite nice!  It was great since we were a gaggle of young ladies, that everyone wanted to take our photo and talk with us!  I got to meet Donna Bruni, this year’s Opera Ball chair and socialite extraordinaire, who seemed to be very sweet and just adorable.

This was a self-portrait of us taken by me!  I think it turned out great!  El looks like she might be naked, but really she is just wearing a strapless top.

And the best part of the whole event…

img_2292Look at all these adorable Valentine’s Day cookies, made by Lily’s Cookies.  I love the “Bee Mine” ones – I had to search the entire store at the end to find one – and we did basically stay ’til the very end.  They had lovely apps from The Tasting Room,  and of course I loved (and was a little amazed by) the champagne they were serving (my favorite):


YUMMY!  I was loving it!  Not your typical champagne to serve to the masses – well, I guess there weren’t “masses” there, and the donors expect such treatment, I suppose.  Only the best!

After the event, we tried to go to Uptown Sushi, but the wait was going to be 45 minutes+!  Then we headed to the Tasting Room, and – wow – that place was packed!  And quite a scene.  We were getting looked over like we were pieces of meat!

Finally we ended up at the original Carabba’s – I guess the family that started it still controls the original, unlike the others that are just part of the chain.  I had linguine and clams in a spicy tomato sauce – quite yummy (esp. since I had only had a salad for lunch!).  and we got a bottle of wine between the 4 of us, which was just perfect!  Enough to relax, but not enough to feel bad the next morning.  Good times!

Happy Birthday, Marmie!


To the best mother and person I know – Happy Birthday!  I know Yarbs and I weren’t always easy to deal with, but you and Dad did a great job, and we are who we are because of you two!


I know in this photo the best day of your life had just recently occurred – when I popped onto the scene!  Hahaha – Yarbs was no longer a spoiled only child!


We had such a great time – family vacations were / are the best!  And these days there is not much that I love more than spending time with family!

Happy Birthday, Mumsie!  I love you!!!  Someday I hope to be as great as a marm as you are!!!