No Rest for the Weary

Where did the week go?! With so much going on, time just seems to fly by!

Tuesday night was spent at T’afia (yummy! and they have a fabu happy hour Tues-Thurs – with any drink purchase you get whatever bar munchies for free! Love the chick pea fries, mac and cheese was tasty as was the tempura roll) with past and present ladies of HGO:

img_2239K left for NYC on Friday! And she started her new job yesterday! Many changes – fun times!

Wednesday night I had a work event, so was at work until about 830pm.

Thursday night was volunteering at HAWC – it is exhausting! And the kiddies seem to always be super hyped up. But I was surprised by the hubs, who was preparing a home cooked meal for me when I got home! He really is the best! His mom passed along a rice and shrimp (yes, I ate shrimp – it is not my fav, but if Boom is going to go through the trouble to cook for me, I will gobble it right up! and it wasn’t so bad…) recipe that he really wanted to try.

We were both so excited to eat it that I didn’t get a photo of the food on our plates – just as leftovers:

img_2243I think a couple sticks of butter were involved, but I bet we could try to make it again with maybe 1/4 of the butter that the recipe calls for. And it was a real sinus clearer! Boom used some really, REALLY spicy hot sauce:

img_2241It really was total insanity! I could not put any of the shrimp sauce that Boom used the hot sauce in on my rice – too spicy for me! Boom likes spicier things than me, so he was able to brave it out a bit – but his nose was running, that is for sure!

chorus_thFriday night was opening night for Chorus! and it was FABULOUS! If you live in H-town, get tickets to this show immediately! I loved it. I will be going back to see it with Boom and Yarbs and Josephine.

Saturday, I went rug shopping with my friend / designer S, as she didn’t like the rug in person that she wanted us to get originally. It is always hard to make a decision based on the Internet only.  Luckily, we found a really big rug that we love!  and a coffee table!  Boom and I had to go back out to the shop that the coffee table with the Escape – and it just fit in the back.  The coffee table is an antique door made into a table – we love it!



And it is the perfect place to use the monogrammed acrylic tray the Supper Club gals gave to me for my going away gift!

img_2253I love that you can see the details of the door through the tray, and – more practically – it gives a larger, flat surface for glasses.


Saturday late afternoon was another work event that I just needed to attend.  It went from 4pm – 630pm, and then I was able to go home!  So Boom and I had a lazy night together – and it was great.  I was so glad to just hang out – and not do much.

Sunday was yopi in the morning, and then the rug got delivered!  Which was very exciting.  Then later that afternoon we went over to L&J’s for a Superbowl party.  Their house is really great – just a wonderful entertaining house.  They are moved in after a year + long renovation project!  And her Christmas gift was a pup – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Tate.  Just like Charlotte’s pup from SATC.  He is just too cute! and his fur so soft!!!

tateI loved carry him around!  Ruby was none to happy when we got home and smelled like a cute puppy.

And last night, Monday, was my typical night off.  I was supposed to have dinner with a friend, but her sister stayed in town an extra day, so she had to resched.  Boom was out of town, so it was nice just hanging out with Rubles.

This coming week also promises to be very, VERY busy.  Hopefully some crafting will take place, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the projects done that I would like to try!  And I haven’t even sewed anything in ages!  Sigh – maybe the week after next…


3 responses to “No Rest for the Weary

  1. Girl you need to slow down! I was thinking we should try to make something for Joe and Boom for v-day this weekend…what do you think? Maybe a mini scrapbook telling them how much we love them?

  2. The shrimp and rice had one stick of butter in it, not multiple sticks. It only calls for that much because it serves 6 people. It was goooood. Just a little spicy.

  3. the rug and the coffee table were great, look really nice…..

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