Wrapup of my week…

Sorry I have been a less than daily blogger, but I have been really, really busy!

This past week I:

yogaone3Became one at Yoga One. It was a pretty good ashtanga “lite” class. Was a bit warmer than I would have liked, but it did help to stretch me out. I liked that it was not as tough as my usual Sunday class – sometimes after that class I feel beat up! And so during the week I don’t need that so much. And I was one of the better people in the class – on Sundays I always feel inadequate since I am the worst one in the class. So it was good for my self-esteem as well!

msndbox1Finally saw the whole A Midsummer Nights Dream opera – on opening night I just stayed for the first part. This was Yarbs’ first opera!

msndbox2And we got to watch the 2nd part from a Founder’s Box! Such a treat! Yarbs claims she enjoyed it – I think once she sees Chorus! she’ll realize that she likes Chorus! much better! But staying for operas after work (esp. long ones) makes for a really, really long day! I was at work on Wed for over 14 hours!


Enjoyed the company of friends at the Junior League of Houston’s Disco Ball. We went Thursday night, the “cocktail” night. I think next year we are going to go on Friday night.

img_2270Met the Maestro of the Houston Symphony Pops at the John Williams show. A backstage / on stage tour / party was part of our Young Professionals Backstage tickets. There were a ton of folks!

img_2275Checked out Kays Lounge – with the big table shaped in the state of Texas!  Unfort, the table was taken so we couldn’t sit there.  LB / BL was there with her buddy, J – post Opera duty, so she looked so pretty!


Had dinner with Richmond, VA and Houston friends at T’afia – they let me choose the restaurant, so of course I would pick T’afia!  A great time was had by all – we met at J&Ls for the official home tour and drinks / cheese and crackers and then headed to dinner.


img_2280Met up with LB at McElroys – I was so full from dindin that I couldn’t drink much, and was super tired from such a busy, busy weekend.


Sunday, S, my friend and designer, and I checked out the Urban Market – it was much bigger than I thought!  I got some books (old) and chairs for my kitchen table.  The chairs need to be slipcovered or reupholstered.  There were a ton of small things, but I wanted to focus on the bigger items.

Whew!  Lots going on – I just hope next week is a big slower, but I somehow don’t think so!


2 responses to “Wrapup of my week…

  1. you are one busy chica! I’m so glad you are making lots of friends here in h-town…not that I had any doubt 😉
    Are you off on Monday? If not maybe we can do craft Sunday not this coming Sunday but the 22nd

  2. Well…Well… Valentines day is set to come and go and there was no evidence of a craft Sunday to be seen. So unless there was an underground craft-a-paloza or a Guerilla Crafting Party that Boom was not privey to then I suspect that there will be no home made v-day treats for Boom or Joe. That is just greeeeeaaaattttt!!!!

    I would also like to state that I do not wish to be photographed in such close proximity to Taylor again. He is a giant and makes me look like Tom Thumb. It is so misleading given that I am 6’2″ tall and 220 lbs. I was the runner up for the Heisman Trophy in 1994 and played for 4 seasons in the Canadian Football League.

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