Happy Birthday, Marmie!


To the best mother and person I know – Happy Birthday!  I know Yarbs and I weren’t always easy to deal with, but you and Dad did a great job, and we are who we are because of you two!


I know in this photo the best day of your life had just recently occurred – when I popped onto the scene!  Hahaha – Yarbs was no longer a spoiled only child!


We had such a great time – family vacations were / are the best!  And these days there is not much that I love more than spending time with family!

Happy Birthday, Mumsie!  I love you!!!  Someday I hope to be as great as a marm as you are!!!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Marmie!

  1. That is a minnie version of the today Ting in that first picture. Straight down to the little smug look on your face.

  2. cute photos! did you have those scanned on your harddrive?

  3. could not believe I’m 63 already, great time with you girls….

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