Out with the Ladies!

Last night some gals and I attended a pre-Opera Ball event at M. Penner. I hadn’t ever checked out one of these events, and it was quite nice!  It was great since we were a gaggle of young ladies, that everyone wanted to take our photo and talk with us!  I got to meet Donna Bruni, this year’s Opera Ball chair and socialite extraordinaire, who seemed to be very sweet and just adorable.

This was a self-portrait of us taken by me!  I think it turned out great!  El looks like she might be naked, but really she is just wearing a strapless top.

And the best part of the whole event…

img_2292Look at all these adorable Valentine’s Day cookies, made by Lily’s Cookies.  I love the “Bee Mine” ones – I had to search the entire store at the end to find one – and we did basically stay ’til the very end.  They had lovely apps from The Tasting Room,  and of course I loved (and was a little amazed by) the champagne they were serving (my favorite):


YUMMY!  I was loving it!  Not your typical champagne to serve to the masses – well, I guess there weren’t “masses” there, and the donors expect such treatment, I suppose.  Only the best!

After the event, we tried to go to Uptown Sushi, but the wait was going to be 45 minutes+!  Then we headed to the Tasting Room, and – wow – that place was packed!  And quite a scene.  We were getting looked over like we were pieces of meat!

Finally we ended up at the original Carabba’s – I guess the family that started it still controls the original, unlike the others that are just part of the chain.  I had linguine and clams in a spicy tomato sauce – quite yummy (esp. since I had only had a salad for lunch!).  and we got a bottle of wine between the 4 of us, which was just perfect!  Enough to relax, but not enough to feel bad the next morning.  Good times!


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