Installation Art: I *Heart* Boom

My first piece of installation art came in the form of a Vday gift to Boom – the trick was getting it up on the 14th without him seeing.  Luckily for me, he had little league practice and then he went to hit balls on the driving range.  So after volunteering in the morning, I rushed home to get started.

The blank slate.  I kinda planned it out a little bit, but not really…




Done?  Well, I thought so, but then came to the realization that the heart was not nearly BIG enough!  And I have so many photos I could probably cover the entire wall!

img_2304Much better!  (click on image to get a better look)

Isn’t it just the cutest?!  I *heart* it myself!  and we can leave it up until we have something better to put there – with all the other more pressing things we need for this house, it could stay up for a while!  Which is just fine for me.

This was our 10th Vday together – crazy to think about!  But so, so great.  I am just sorry that sometimes I can be such a turd to Boom, the person I love the most.

And here was his most excellent gift to me… baked, stuffed lobster!  I love this dish – it is quite a treat!  There are scallops in the stuffing, so it is a very rich treat.  We only have it about 2x a year – so it really is a rare and wonderful treat.

img_2318with some delicious champagne (who doesn’t love the Veuve?!)

img_2313What a cutie!  I am truly a very lucky gal.  With the two of us polishing off the bottle, we were in bed by 930pm!  At least we got a lot time to sleep off the Veuve.

Boom – I love you!  Thanks for making me so happy and for putting up with my crumpiness!!



3 responses to “Installation Art: I *Heart* Boom

  1. Wow, so creative!! So what room did you do that in? How did you attach the pics to the wall? So fun!!

    The lobster looked delish!! We made steamed lobster at home this week but maybe we need to try the stuffed recipe. Yum, scallops!!


  2. T-Duck – Thanks much for the wall heart. Was great and I really enjoyed seeing all the old pictures again. I am glad you enjoyed dinner and agree that I was vv sleepy after the champagne. Had a great v-day with you just like the 9 prior. Love you vmuch.

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