I had dinner with a friend a few weeks ago and she was saying how when she and her sisters get together there is always a lot of drama and tears and hurt feelings. Now, there are 3 of them as opposed to just Yarbs and me, and maybe that adds to the drama of their get togethers, but it did get me thinking. About how lucky I am to 1) have a sister, 2) have such a great sister like Yarbs, and 3) have my sister and BF be the same person. It is really great. Especially now that we are living in the same city. We always have a good time together, and there really aren’t ever tears or drama involved. Just usually lots of crafting or shopping.


Of course, with our busy schedules, I don’t get to see her nearly as much as I would like, but much more than when I was in VA. So that is good. And we have very different interests, which is a good thing. Lots of common interests, but also lots of different ones. Regardless, we make a good team!

img_0001(I am loving getting these old photos up! They are just too cute – and I can’t imagine being so small!) Yarbs – I love ya! XOXO


3 responses to “Yarbs

  1. Love the “tude” you are fronting in that first photo. Sort of says “Um.. Yeah.. I am a Pretty Big Deal!!”

  2. yes, you were quite the bratty munchkin…good thing you turned out ok 😉
    love you too!

  3. I could not image you guys were that little, time is flying by so fast, I’m just happy to have both of you…

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