We had a fun but busy weekend – Friday we got to check out Pregos and Benjys, and they are both within 5 minutes of our house, so it was excellent!


img_2338LB cracks me up!!  I think she is so cute, as well – makes going to work lots of fun!

And Saturday night was the Spacetaker Synergy Gala – it was a random mix of people wearing everything from cocktail dresses to folks in T-shirts and jeans.  I love it!  Old, young, male, female, gay, straight, etc.  It was just great – and I always love seeing a great mix of folks.




Boom made some friends at the end of the night – they were very cool guys!  They were asking us what our signs were – they were both Taurus’.  I loved their matching berets!  We commiserated at not knowing what “Boho Chic” meant.  My earrings were feathers, which was my nod to boho.

After the gala, we went to a friend’s Mardi Gras party.  Good to see her and some of the other ladies there!


Sunday was filled with antique shopping (didn’t get anything) and napping.  Then Bunko at night.  and the Oscars – too bad I’ve only seen Slumdog Millionaire – at least it is winning a bunch!  and I may want to buy the Slumdog soundtrack…

I think this past Saturday was also SCAN’s Mardi Gras party – 2nd year!  I remember working so hard on it last year, so I hope that it was a huge success this year as well!


2 responses to “Weekend

  1. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! We should be able to do craft Sunday afternoon this coming weekend, no?

  2. Was a fun weekend. Although I was a wasted body for most of Saturday and Sunday.

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