So much culture…

marieThursday night Yarbs and I went to see the Houston Ballet perform Marie – based on the life of Marie Antoinette. And we LOVED it! The costumes were awesome, the dancing beautiful, and the music was great (though my friend told me the next day at she thought the music was awful – she majored in music theory in college and got her Masters from Rice in the basson?). I really, really did love it a lot a lot. I guess I have seen the Nutcracker in a few different cities, as well as some compilation ballet performances in Richmond, VA and Washington, DC, but never had seen a full length story ballet until Marie. And – sigh – it was so great.

img_2372Friday night was the Symphony Ball – and we had tickets to the Young Professionals After Party. So we needed to leave around 7pm to swing by a party before heading to dinner. Well, at 645pm, guess what I was doing? HAND SEWING the adorable big bows onto my shoes! Right then, I thought to myself – I am crazy. I really am. Who else is altering their shoes for the night 15 minutes before heading out?! No one but me. But they turned out SO CUTE! I *heart* them! Just what I wanted.

We had dinner at the Grove with 6 other friends, 5 of which came to the ball afterwards – and, quite conveniently, the Grove is just a block away from the Hilton Americas, which is where the Ball was.

img_2375The Ball was not really what I expected. They had a TON of really great silent auction items (2 cars!), but the huge room where it was taking place was way too big and the lighting was not great. I thought there would be dancing and the whatnot – but not really. They did have some gambling tables, not that many, and not too many people were actually gambling. There were lots of Opera supporters there, and it was really great people watching.

img_2376At least we were with good company! CJ is really tall – like 6’5″! But really nice and fun! BL was getting a little tanked, but in a good way. At midnight, the bar closed (lame) so we took that as our cue to move onto the next party…

A few weeks ago I went to a meeting with a young professional organization as I want to get more involved. I met a really nice guy, WC, there who was all, I’ll be your friend in Houston. You and your husband are invited to a party I am having. So great – people in H-town are so friendly! So we swung by before dinner, had a glass of wine with WC and then went onto dinner. He assured us the party would be still happening late into the night, so to try to swing by after our event.

We did, and the party was still raging! He had a DJ and there were lots of folks there – dancing and drinking and hanging out.


I think BL and CJ and El and Tanimal didn’t quite know what to make of WC’s party. It wasn’t exactly BL’s fav type of music, but she was a good sport and danced around with me. Boom’s coworker, TH, didn’t really like it there, as he left 5 minutes after arriving! He did mention to me at dinner that he has a little social anxiety. So maybe there were too many people there for his taste.


I actually had more fun at dinner and WC’s after after party than at the official Ball after party. Live and learn – maybe the Symphony Ball would have been better had we been there for dinner and the whole shebang. Overall, it was a great night.  We had lots of fun hanging out with everyone, and that is the most important element of all!


3 responses to “So much culture…

  1. cute shoes! looks like you had a fun night! see you on Wed 🙂

  2. Tingaling –

    Very nice post and update on the social scene here in the greater Houston area. As a local celebrity and the recognized voice of Houston I commend you on your commitment to the development of the culture within our great city.

    Steve-insky!, Steve-meister!, Steve-o-rama!
    Houston NPR

  3. you energy is unbelivable….

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