Thrifted Finds

On Saturday I went to the Guild Shop of St. John’s the Divine Episcopal Church.  I had read great things about it from some of my design blogs that I frequent… and it was PACKED!  With stuff and people!  I guess all the really wealthy folks in H-town take the stuff they no longer want and donate it there, so there can be good deals to be had!

img_2406I love hobnail!  So this sweet sugar and creamer set were right up my alley.  And all of my everyday stuff is either white or clear glass, so these fit right in.

img_2407And this lovely bud vase, milk glass hobnail!  I see these often, and usually don’t purchase, but this time I did.  Need to add to my hobnail collection, as I have lots of space to display!

I would like to make going to the Guild Shop part of my repertoire – things are always changing there and they have quite an extensive jewelery collection that I would like to take a closer look at.  I also need to figure out some other cool thrift stores to check out.  I really like vintage linens and need lots of old books!


One response to “Thrifted Finds

  1. Lauren Wisenhunt


    It is great to see that we have so many things in common and that we like so many of the same craft styles. I was recently let go from my position as the morning traffic analyst for Houston NPR. I was told only that a caller had complained about my on air presence and attention to detail. Anywho… I am now available to go to the Guild Shop with you weekly. Please let me know when we should meet there next.


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