Freaking Awesome

img_2418Look what I came home to find last night?!  So hilarious!  Clearly I was part of a really weak, slow age group.  But I love it – we are going to find a very prominent and special spot in the living room!


6 responses to “Freaking Awesome

  1. Lauren Wisenhunt

    Ting –

    We here at Houston NPR are all so very proud of you. If I had run the race I no doubt would have come in 4th place in an effort just to be close to you and to have been the first person in line to congratulate you at the finish line. You truly are THE BEST!!!

    Signing Off –
    Lauren Wisenhunt

  2. I agree, you are the best…..

  3. congrats! Looks like some things never change, you speedster!

  4. You go girl – congrats!!!

    The only trophy I ever got was in the only 5k I ever ran – it was also a 3rd place for my age group, back in college. I still have it! But I think getting that NOW is much more impressive than when you are 20. Congrats!!!


  5. SUPERSTAR!!! Congrats! LOVE it. 🙂

  6. ow ow!!!!! Go Tingbaby!

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