A Bluejays Win… and “cowgirls”

Friday night, LB and I joined the parents and watched one of Boom’s little league games (here, in H-town, after a certain age dads can’t be coaches).  And they WON!  By quite a few points!  It is so funny – some of the kids (age group 13-14) are SO big and others are teeny – it is weird that they are all on the same team. Guess it just depends on when your growth spurt hits.


Afterwards, S – who met us at the bleachers, J – head coach, Boom, LB and I all went out for a celebratory drink.  S & J are so cute!  and easy going – which is nice.  We checked out Big Woodrows – and it was packed!  It’s Cajun food passed the “local” test – as J liked it and he grew up in New Orleans!  I just had some fries – very healthy – and they were quite yummy.

img_2421Oh Lauren B. Wisenhunt and Boom – fun times!  I guess there is a Little Woodrows near our homes that we need to check out.  LB was getting quite upset and not liking the Spike TV that was on!

img_2422It ended up being a later night than I had expected – the game didn’t start until 8pm so we weren’t home until after 1130 or so!  Craziness!

LB and I saw each other the next night for a work event, where the attire was “Western Chic”.  This really threw off many folks in our office – I assumed it meant jeans, cowboy boots, and some jewelry to spruce up the outfit.  Luckily for me, I was right!

Great minds think alike as we ended up being twinkies!  I thought we looked adorable!  Fun times that night, with the 60+ opera loving set.  We did get to see the National Clogging Champs, a lady (65) and man (74) – I tried to take a photo, but they were moving too fast, so it was all blurry!  I was very impressed, and even inspired enough to bid on the dancing lesson gift certificate (which I won!  Yay!).  So Boom and I will soon be learning some country western dancing! YEEEE-haw!


2 responses to “A Bluejays Win… and “cowgirls”

  1. I’ll show you Lauren Whisenhunt!!!!!

  2. Yeah you will LB. Just look in the mirror.

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