Dinner out… and H-town Celebs

Monday night we headed to Benjy’s on Washington – housed in a cool, new building, it is a bit hipper than it’s older counter part in the Village.  It really was doing a brisk business.  Boom and I were catching up with a couple we got set up with by folks in the RIC – Ryan and his girlfriend, L.  Ryan is the Executive Chef at The Grove – a hip new restaurant on Discovery Green downtown that I have mentioned many times before.

In the small foodie world, Ryan is a bit of a celeb.  He is often times in the local mags – for winning awards as well as being used in advertisements!  Too funny!  We really like them – they are just great peeps.  And it is so cute – you can tell Ryan loves L so much – she was a bit late getting to dinner (she is a doctor) and once she got there, he just lit up – just came alive a bit more.  It was really adorable.

So guess who else was dining at Benjy’s on Washington?  Some real H-town celebs (photo is not from last night):


Becca Cason and John Thrash!  She is always in the social mags, as she is one of the main philanthropists in town / the state / maybe the USA?  I never thought I’d see them in the flesh – Ryan had cooked at their house for a private party – he said it was a house just made for entertaining.  That they had more ovens in their kitchen than The Grove has – and a glass walkway above the kitchen so guests can see what the chef is doing – crazy!  John Thrash came over to our table (another guest with the Thrash’s was Ryan PR guy) – and he seemed pretty nice.

I actually don’t think I would have recognized them, as they look different in person than in a magazine, so I am glad that Ryan did.  All in all a great night – good food (Benjy’s Tres Leches is actually really good!  Not as good as Mommys from KubaKuba, but close), great company, and some people watching – what more could you want on a Monday night?!


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