Slowly but surely

img_1349To fill the bookshelves up (sorry for the old photo – the ugly ceiling fan is no longer!), we have been buying vintage and antique books.  Clearly we will need a lot of ’em!  Boom and I have recently gotten into a rhythm of going to thrift stores on Saturday morning.   I really never thought I’d see the day when Boom and I would “thrifting” together, but it has been fun!  and I think he has kinda gotten into it.  I know going to thrift stores is not his favorite thing to do, but since we have also been antiquing, he is used to seeing old things in sometimes messy places.

And he is pretty good at it – he spied this find last Saturday:

img_2431A set of 20 classics from the 1940s – aren’t they pretty?!  We got these guys for a mere $45!

And then Sunday we went by Half-Price Books (which is an amazing book store – books are cheap, and there are tons of them!) where we got this:

img_243219 (we are missing a few) Mark Twains from the 1900s – really pretty as well.  These guys were around $80. Still not too bad, as the books S and I were buying before this were about $10 a piece.  So anything less than that is a good deal to me.  And we were buying books based soley on their spine and how they looked – now Boom says he would prefer to buy books that we might actually read (a lot of the books S and I got were also not in English).

img_2433We thought these were hilarious – “The Handbook of TEXAS” – from 1952.  These were $10 a piece, but just too funny to pass up.  And also a very pretty blue.  Books look so much better with their dust jackets off!

Half Price Books also has a thing where you can get “Books by the Yard” – so a box of hardback books for $17.50!  We may need to start doing that, but I really like the older books.  We’ll get there, one Saturday at a time!


4 responses to “Slowly but surely

  1. Cool looking books!

  2. I have a set of encyclpedia…about 30years old, do you want them? it ‘s cheaper than half-book store, it’s free….

  3. We will gladly accept all har cover books. Especially the free ones!!

  4. We would have gladly gifted you a TON of official looking (but garbage-filled) law school case books. you know, the ones bound in leather and costing 100 bucks each. The ones I opened not nearly enough but highlighted feverishly for a case or two. (The ones my husband, who is far more successful, opened far more often). We’re not paying to ship ’em though. We’ll keep the mothballs fresh in the attic, and if you still have space, we have some books for you on your next visit!

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