Chock Full…

Last week I booked myself for many activities (some might say too many)… the only night I had “off” was Tuesday!

Monday night – dinner out with friends… read all about it here.

img_2440Wednesday – THE ART OF FASHION Fashion Show

I wasn’t really sure what to expect – it was a lot of fun!  Tons of folks – drinks – and some light munchies.  They had some adorable mac and cheese cups – which were so tasty!

img_2438Fun times with the gals!  And the shoes were awesome!  I just love shoes – and my adorable Gucci flats were there on display!  I am glad to see that they are not totally last season.

img_2443Got to see my new buddy W, who is a man about town!  He is everywhere!  And got to see some photos of his new g-friend (who could not make it) and also meet some of his friends.

Thursday – had two events to go to – the first was an Emerging Leaders happy hour at two model homes in a random part of downtown, the other side of downtown that I had never been to.  It was random, but good to 1) see that part of town, and 2) meet some of the other people involved in EL.

The second event was a ChildBuilders happy hour at Blancos.  I really like Blancos and had a great time there – got to know some folks involved with ChildBuilders.  and a new friend, K, met us there.  She is just FABULASH!  Excited to go to dinner on Friday with her and her hubby, along with E and T.  Should be good times.

img_2446Cute cute cute!  The JLH and HAWC brought us all together!  I am excited to go back to Blanco this coming weekend for LBW’s dad’s 60th birthday!

Friday – was The HOT Happening at Tootsies – and it was packed!  Tons of folks – and organic cotton candy from Ruggles Green! Yummy – it was apple flavored, and also green in color.


Tootsies carries a ton of great labels!  I love Alice + Olivia so much – I can’t wait until it is warm to wear my white and green polka dotted Alice + Olivia shoes out and about.  And they had some great Chan Luu bracelets and jewelry.  I am definitely shopping there next time I need a new frock!  Anyway, it was a fun event – great people watching.  All the usual suspects were there, which is to be expected.

A good, full week.  I think I am going to not be as busy this week.  By choice.  We’ll see how it goes… sometimes it is hard as the  week nights just seem to fill up!


One response to “Chock Full…

  1. Wow – guess when the cat is away the mouse will play. Everytime I called from Denver to see how you were doing you said you were going to bed early!! You a liar!!

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