Catching up

Things have been hectic around here lately – esp. since I was (deathly) ill on Wed. Sure does put a kink in plans when one is totally out of commission for a day…

Last Friday, a bunch of us went to a Moroccan restaurant (that will remain unnamed) – company was superb, restaurant… not so much. and we were basically the only customers all night – very random and sketch. But it is always good to try new things – just email me if you are thinking of going to Moroccan – I can let you know it if was the place that we went to…

And, like I said, it was great company. So can’t complain too much. Here we all are:

img_2476(Hehehe – it looks like I took a panoramic photo! Remember when those were all the rage?! Anyway, I did not, just cropped in Photoshop)

Last Tuesday, Boom made appetizers for dinner! So yummy! he even made a ton of my favorite – deviled eggs! Look at this spread…

img_2504And the pièce de résistance…

img_2506I am not sure why I love deviled eggs so much, but I do!

Later that week were the Ovation Awards – at an Audi dealership! Kinda random, but it was a large space to accommodate everyone and a good time. Saw my 3rd fashion show in 2 weeks – at least I am getting lots of ideas of what I should be wearing. Too bad the buddha and my wallet don’t agree.

img_2507A co-worker and I with one of the winners (center). Love her dress – she looks so fabulous!

img_2508And my good bud, El, that I called that morning to see if she would go with me. And she obliged, thanks!!!

Enough for now… check back later…


2 responses to “Catching up

  1. cute photos! i am looking forward to Friday night…lost the invitation tho…can you send it again?

  2. yum – I love deviled eggs too!!!

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