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… to one of my oldest, dearest friends, My Pal Al.  I can’t believe we’ve know each other for about 2 decades!  Craziness!  Here’s a little trip down memory lane…





We’ve had some really fun times – and there are only more to come!  Especially now that we are in the same state (finally!).  I love ya, Al!

Long time no blog….

Wow, it has been nearly a week since I have updated the ole bloggy blog…

It’s not that nothing has happened, but just have been too busy to even get on my laptop.

Lots of opera events, as our spring rep is starting on Friday.

Hmmm, so I guess the current news is that the in-laws are in town.  I hear horrible stories from others about their in-laws, so I know that I am lucky to have such nice ones.

I am so brain dead right now that I can’t even think of what to right that might be mildly interesting…

Fun times, oh yea, fun times.

Sometimes bad cell reception is a good thing!

Last night I was feeling not so motivated – I had told my friend, KM, that I would go to an Emerging Leaders happy hour with her, but I kinda wanted to bail.  I tried to call her – but got put into voicemail (I thought it would be lame to bail via voicemail).  When I finally did get a hold of her, she was shutting down her computer, saying what bad reception she gets on the 19th floor, getting ready to come pick me up… so clearly I was at the point of no return..

We had a great time!  It was so nice getting to hang out with her a bit one-on-one, as she seems to be a really awesome gal.  I really like her and hope that we can become really great friends.  And I saw a few folks that I knew so it was nice to say hi to them all.  And we got to check out a new (to me, at least) place downtown – Venue Houston.  It was super swanky and trendy.  I bet it might be fun to go there with a big group of gals to dance!


(Photo above from ENVY magazine, from a different event)  Aren’t we just too cute?!  and KM really is – she is a tall, thin blond – all the guys are the happy hour were definitely checking her out!

Anyway, the lesson learned to me is as long as you are with good company – a good time will be had.  So true – so true.

Q: What is a craft that you could also weld the tool as a weapon?

A: Needle felting!

It is a good craft to do whilst sick in bed – but you do have to pay attention, as you could draw blood if you are not careful. Yarbs and I took a class from Tobias Mundt in December – her stuff is amazing!

Here is what I made when I was sickly last week:


A teeny, tiny bear head! The whole thing is smaller than a golf ball. I think he turned out cute! I will likely make him into a Christmas ornament…

I think we may take a crocheting class!  Yarbs is such a good sport – I asked her if she wanted to take the crocheting class, and she was all, sure!  But I know that she likely will never crochet, she is just going to take it for my sake.  What a good sissy!

Another event at a car dealership!!!

Friday night was EL’s Red White and Blues Wine tasting party (at the local BMW dealership!) – a good time was had by all!

Me and the hubs – trying to make my arm look toned.  Sometimes you just can’t make something it is not…


The gals – LB and I saw each other every single day this past week!


With Yarbity – this was the first time LB and EK had met her!  EK thought we could be twins!  I’ll take that – aren’t we adorable?!  and totally fabulash!


Boom with my friend WC, and the rest of Boom’s Houston office!  WC really is quite hilarious – he is everywhere at all events at all times!


Yarbs and a couple of her gays – they, too, are hilarious!  Definitely kept me giggling!

Last but not least the HAWC ladies – SA is a new friend and seems really nice.  Look at the JLH bringing people together!

(ugh – worpress is giving me issues – photo to come later!)

Anyway, it was fun, but also reminded me why I don’t really love working events.  Hmm, maybe I should have thought about that before joining EL’s special events committee?


This past weekend,  we went to the Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park (H-town’s version of Central Park – but not a big nor as central). It was a great day to be outside walking around – and walk we did! I think everyone had the same idea, so we had to park about a mile away, then walked a mile around the festival, and then a mile back to our car. But good times were had by all!

memp1Oh I am a delicate flower…


I love this guy! He was so cute and plump! The sculptor made lots of different sizes of Humpty, perhaps I should have gotten one… But I don’t think Boom was all that impressed…

mp4There were tons of these huge, sculptures made of steel. I just wonder how they were transported to the park – must have been quite a pain!!!


Boom is not a huge fan of crowds of slow walking people, so he was a good sport. We also got to see an artist we have been thinking about purchasing a piece from – Ray Phillips – and found out about his opening, so that is good. It would be our first piece of really legitimate artwork. Hmm, I guess I take that back – we do have an art photograph from a friend of mine in Richmond – Aimee Koch. Anyway, it would be a big step for us.

And Yarbs found a painter she liked – Roger Disney – some of his smaller pieces were not too bad, so maybe this could be a good gift idea!


Mumsie came down for the weekend and ended up being my nursemaid for 3 extra days! What a good Mumsie! It was really great having her around – she is just the best. And makes me so happy that Boom and I moved down here – so much easier to see Yarbs (of course, we are in the same city) and then Mumsie can just make 1 trip to see her gals!


Another photo where I am looking like a lump. Yarbs is looking pretty cute – Mumsie is looking like the ’70s! Asian people don’t have curly hair (typically) – and those glasses! She still looks great – and now she looks even greater! I hope that I age as gracefully as Mumsie. Love having Mum and Yarbs around together – that is the best!