All things tiny

(I picked a new banner photo – from our trip to China back in 2005! Pictured are prayer flags – we are not in Tibet, per se, but near the Tibetian regions. I even got 2 pray flags banners to bring home – it was a huge pain to get them, our tour guide had to go find them one night for me! But random people have pray flags and hang them up – so makes me feel kinda weird to put mine up, even though they are legit!)

Anyway, a weekend or two ago, Yarbs and I went to Tiny Boxwoods for brunch to catch up before her big trip to Mex. I love that place! It is so girly and cute! I would never bring Boom, as he would likely not get full! I love their homemade jam – it is so delish! this time it was apple, not my fav, but very tasty none the less.

And they have HUGE coffee / tea mugs:


img_2457Also very delicious are their chocolate chip cookies! The perfect ending to a lovely brunch with my best gal!


I have finally gotten all my Twittering to update FB and my blog – using an app called Tiny Twitter. I love using it all the more b/c of it’s name!

love(Sigh) Do you just love all things tiny? I know I do!


One response to “All things tiny

  1. Are prayer flags supposed to stay in their plastic wrappers and be hidden in a box at the bottom of your craft room closet? If so you have reached ultimate bliss and the Dali Lami holds you in the highest esteem!

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