The in-laws were in town for about 6 days.  As I have said before, they are really great, so I can’t complain.  And, a wonderful bonus for me, both my FIL and MIL love to cook!  I guess my MIL is more technically trained in the culinary arts, but my FIL does really enjoy it.  So we ate like kings!  I think we are better staying in that we would have had we gone out…

One night we grilled kabobs – shrimp, chicken, beef and sausage.  and then roasted a ton of veggies – half were roasted with a very hot (spicy) pepper, which gave the veggies a nice heat.


img_2555Quite yummy!  My MIL decided to try the hot pepper, and it was really HOT!  She had tears going and everything.  Well, the two other fools (Boom and FIL) decide that she is just a wimp and they had to eat the hot pepper as well.  It didn’t go well for them.  and it was exceptionally funny to watch my FIL, as he was all, you’ve gotten wimpy in your old age, to my MIL.  But when he ate one of the hot peppers, it was teary time for him as well:


The other night we cooked in we made a cioppino – a sea food stew with a tomato-base.  I was in charge of the toast (and mixing the anchovie paste with the butter).  It was really very delicious!


In terms of sea food, it had mussels, clams, salmon, halibut, and calamari in it.  I think Boom and I could edit it (take out the calamari and add more veggies) quite easily.  It had a little heat to it, to where the spiciness hit you in the back of the throat, but nothing compared to the eating of the hot pepper the night before.

I think it is good for my waistline that they in-laws are gone.  I am not used to eating that well, all the time.  We almost did baked stuffed lobsters one night, and I am kinda glad we didn’t.  We can save that treat for when we are up on the Cape for 4th of July.  All and all, quite a nice visit.  But also nice to get back into our (Boom and Ruru and I) normal routine.  I guess sometimes your routine can seem boring, but when it is gone, that is all that you want back!


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