Mumsie came down for the weekend and ended up being my nursemaid for 3 extra days! What a good Mumsie! It was really great having her around – she is just the best. And makes me so happy that Boom and I moved down here – so much easier to see Yarbs (of course, we are in the same city) and then Mumsie can just make 1 trip to see her gals!


Another photo where I am looking like a lump. Yarbs is looking pretty cute – Mumsie is looking like the ’70s! Asian people don’t have curly hair (typically) – and those glasses! She still looks great – and now she looks even greater! I hope that I age as gracefully as Mumsie. Love having Mum and Yarbs around together – that is the best!


2 responses to “MUMSIE!

  1. I know, love that photo too. I need to find the color version – that shirt mum is wearing is hilarious!

  2. As with most of your baby pictures you are fast asleep in this one. Looks like you might be drooling? Nothing has changed!!

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