This past weekend,  we went to the Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park (H-town’s version of Central Park – but not a big nor as central). It was a great day to be outside walking around – and walk we did! I think everyone had the same idea, so we had to park about a mile away, then walked a mile around the festival, and then a mile back to our car. But good times were had by all!

memp1Oh I am a delicate flower…


I love this guy! He was so cute and plump! The sculptor made lots of different sizes of Humpty, perhaps I should have gotten one… But I don’t think Boom was all that impressed…

mp4There were tons of these huge, sculptures made of steel. I just wonder how they were transported to the park – must have been quite a pain!!!


Boom is not a huge fan of crowds of slow walking people, so he was a good sport. We also got to see an artist we have been thinking about purchasing a piece from – Ray Phillips – and found out about his opening, so that is good. It would be our first piece of really legitimate artwork. Hmm, I guess I take that back – we do have an art photograph from a friend of mine in Richmond – Aimee Koch. Anyway, it would be a big step for us.

And Yarbs found a painter she liked – Roger Disney – some of his smaller pieces were not too bad, so maybe this could be a good gift idea!


One response to “Art

  1. You can buy and egg head dude just don’t think about collecting them for the top shelves in living room. They are creepier than my mom’s Dickens Carolers.

    I am starting to wane on Ray Phillips work thinking I may be leaning in a different artistic direction.

    What is status of our Aimee Koch picture?


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