Another event at a car dealership!!!

Friday night was EL’s Red White and Blues Wine tasting party (at the local BMW dealership!) – a good time was had by all!

Me and the hubs – trying to make my arm look toned.  Sometimes you just can’t make something it is not…


The gals – LB and I saw each other every single day this past week!


With Yarbity – this was the first time LB and EK had met her!  EK thought we could be twins!  I’ll take that – aren’t we adorable?!  and totally fabulash!


Boom with my friend WC, and the rest of Boom’s Houston office!  WC really is quite hilarious – he is everywhere at all events at all times!


Yarbs and a couple of her gays – they, too, are hilarious!  Definitely kept me giggling!

Last but not least the HAWC ladies – SA is a new friend and seems really nice.  Look at the JLH bringing people together!

(ugh – worpress is giving me issues – photo to come later!)

Anyway, it was fun, but also reminded me why I don’t really love working events.  Hmm, maybe I should have thought about that before joining EL’s special events committee?


2 responses to “Another event at a car dealership!!!

  1. All special event committees know that the first and most crucial step is to establish a clean-up sub-committee.

  2. You have too many activities going on lady! Just give me some yoga and I am done!
    We did have lots of fun, although I think I was overserved 😉

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