Sometimes bad cell reception is a good thing!

Last night I was feeling not so motivated – I had told my friend, KM, that I would go to an Emerging Leaders happy hour with her, but I kinda wanted to bail.  I tried to call her – but got put into voicemail (I thought it would be lame to bail via voicemail).  When I finally did get a hold of her, she was shutting down her computer, saying what bad reception she gets on the 19th floor, getting ready to come pick me up… so clearly I was at the point of no return..

We had a great time!  It was so nice getting to hang out with her a bit one-on-one, as she seems to be a really awesome gal.  I really like her and hope that we can become really great friends.  And I saw a few folks that I knew so it was nice to say hi to them all.  And we got to check out a new (to me, at least) place downtown – Venue Houston.  It was super swanky and trendy.  I bet it might be fun to go there with a big group of gals to dance!


(Photo above from ENVY magazine, from a different event)  Aren’t we just too cute?!  and KM really is – she is a tall, thin blond – all the guys are the happy hour were definitely checking her out!

Anyway, the lesson learned to me is as long as you are with good company – a good time will be had.  So true – so true.


2 responses to “Sometimes bad cell reception is a good thing!

  1. Glad you went out and had a goood time. LYH.

  2. Does LYH mean love you honey? This is an acronym with which I’m unfamiliar. Help me to be in the know.

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