Long time no blog….

Wow, it has been nearly a week since I have updated the ole bloggy blog…

It’s not that nothing has happened, but just have been too busy to even get on my laptop.

Lots of opera events, as our spring rep is starting on Friday.

Hmmm, so I guess the current news is that the in-laws are in town.  I hear horrible stories from others about their in-laws, so I know that I am lucky to have such nice ones.

I am so brain dead right now that I can’t even think of what to right that might be mildly interesting…

Fun times, oh yea, fun times.


3 responses to “Long time no blog….

  1. have a good time with john’s parents, you are truely lucky…….

  2. I guess that explains where you’ve been jelly bean!

  3. Re: the inlaws…you are a very lucky Tingbaby.

    I am dying to come see an opera and more importantly, you. Are there times that might be good? I can keep an eye out for cheap fares…and start stockpiling leather-bound books for you and Boom.

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