… to one of my oldest, dearest friends, My Pal Al.  I can’t believe we’ve know each other for about 2 decades!  Craziness!  Here’s a little trip down memory lane…





We’ve had some really fun times – and there are only more to come!  Especially now that we are in the same state (finally!).  I love ya, Al!


4 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

  1. This looks like a scrapbook page in the making 🙂

  2. I love this!! Especially the one with Alli’s real hair color in it!!

  3. Ting still owns that SMU T-Shirt from the first picture and wears it religiously. The neck is all rotted out and it has holes all over it.

  4. OMG, I can’t believe I am just now catching up on your blog – I thought the album of pics on facebook was my b-day message!

    Thanks for the post – and thanks a LOT for the real haircolor pic – which is also shows off my real eyebrows. NICE huh!? hehe. I’m so glad we are in the same state now too – love ya Tinger!!! xoxo

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